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Heilind Tops Distributor Survey for Fourth Year

Heilind Electronics was named the most preferred connector distributor for the fourth time by the market research firm Bishop & Associates in its 2014 Customer Survey of the Electronics Distribution Industry. The survey evaluated responses from 1,026 industrial buyers, engineers and related professionals.
Survey participants graded distributors’ performance in six key functional categories:  

  • Breadth of Product Offering
  • Overall Ease of Doing Business
  • Price Competitiveness
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Website Functionality
  • Sales and Technical Support

Respondents ranked Heilind first in four of the six categories, including ease of doing business, breadth of product offering, price competitiveness, and sales and technical support. Heilind was also ranked as the overall preferred distributor by 35.5 percent of respondents, more than double the second-highest-ranking competitor.

This unique Bishop & Associates survey focuses exclusively on connectors as a commodity, providing survey participants their only opportunity to express opinions specifically on the quality of interconnect distribution. For connector distributors, it is their only opportunity to get the opinions of a large number of customers less the bias provided by other industry commodities.

Survey Methodology and Response

Survey participants were asked to rate 12 distributors from “extremely satisfied” to “extremely dissatisfied” in response to six questions covering six service elements.  The 12 distributors evaluated in this survey were:

  • Arrow
  • Avnet
  • Digi-Key
  • Future
  • Heilind
  • Master
  • Mouser
  • PEI - Genesis
  • Powell
  • Premier Farnell
  • RS/Allied
  • TTI

The six service element questions used in the survey were:

  1. What is your level of satisfaction with the distributor’s BREADTH OF PRODUCT OFFERING / LINECARD?
  2. What is your level of satisfaction with the distributor’s SALES and TECHNICAL SUPPORT?
  3. What is your level of satisfaction with the overall EASE OF DOING BUSINESS with this distributor?
  4. What is your level of satisfaction with the distributor’s ON-TIME DELIVERY, including product available from stock?
  5. What is your level of satisfaction with the OVERALL USEFULNESS OF THE DISTRIBUTOR'S WEBSITE?
  6. What is your level of satisfaction with the distributor's PRICE COMPETITIVENESS?

At the survey’s conclusion, participants were also asked to name their overall preferred distributor for connectors from the list of 12 distributors included in the survey.




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