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CFast™Memory Delivers Optimum Combination of Size and Speed for Imaging Designs

Demand for higher resolution and increased portability of medical imaging devices continually drive OEMs to develop faster, higher performing and more compact products. For high performance in solid-state removable memory, medical device manufacturers can now utilize CFast, the latest generation flash device architecture developed by the CompactFlash Association, to achieve these goals. 

CFast™ Storage Cards incorporate SATA serial storage architecture and performance into a package equivalent in size to CompactFlash (CF) storage cards.  The move away from a parallel ATA-style interface allows for faster data throughput – up to 3 Gbps with CFast compared to 1.33 Gbps with CF.  They were developed to serve applications where high-resolution images need to be captured at faster data rates, such as medical imaging.

The 3M™ Header for CFast Card N7G24 Series delivers on reliability. They incorporate extended guide rails to help reduce the possibility of misalignment during card installations. Grounding clips provide additional retention force to the card, helping reduce uncontrolled card removal from the connector when ejected.
3M offers optional left or right button dual-push ejectors that provide a balanced force against the card for even and smooth card removal. A unique option for the CFast headers from 3M is a latching retainer, which clips onto the header and provides robust retention in high-vibration environments.

CFast and 3M offer the medical device designer an excellent combination of reliability, size and performance for their demanding product requirements. 

3M Power Clamp Connectors

The 3M Header N7G24 Series meets the CFA CFast Specification Rev 1.0, including the 10,000 mating cycles and 3 Gbps data rate performance.

Other product features include integrated grounding clips and SMT tails aligned in a single row for higher manufacturing yield and simplified inspection.

Similar to the popular 3M™ CF Card Headers, Type II product line, the optional push button ejectors have a dual-push configuration. These ejectors deliver two points of force against the card. The dual-push provides more stability, reducing the chance for the card to rotate and bind during ejection, delivering a more even and smooth card removal.

In addition to the ejectors, the 3M headers for CFast cards have the option of a latching retainer. This accessory provides a wire latch that captures a mated card firmly, making it ideal for high vibration environments or applications where securing the card is critical. The latching retainer may not be used in combination with the ejectors. This same latching retainer will fit on existing 3M CFII headers, N7E50-M516 and N7E50-N516 Series.

Part Number View Inventory
7E50 CFAST 7E50-B316-04
7E50-B716-05 CFAST Latching Ejector
7E50-C016-00-HT CFAST Latching Retainer
7G24 CFAST Push Ejector
N7G24 CFAST Connector

Why choose 3M™ Connector for CFast™ Card? 3M:

  • is a member of the CFA (Compact Flash Association)
  • meets the CFA CFast Specification Rev 1.0
  • meets the 10000 mating / unmating cycles
  • is able to provide customized designs to meet customer’s needs and requirements
  • is fully RoHS compliant
  • provides Pre-assembled Retainer or Ejector onto header to reduce assembly time

Other benefits of CFast™

  • Offers hot swappability for maximum system uptime
  • Intelligent power management for lower power consumption
  • Existing SATA infrastructure
  • High performance for faster data transfer

Features for 3M™ Connector for CFast™ Card, 7G24 Series:

  • Headers mate with both CFast™ Type I and Type II cards
  • Extended guide rails enable accurate and easy card insertion
  • Single row surface mount solder tails facilitate auto placement and IR soldering
  • Optional 2 mm board standoff enables board population
  • Meets CFA standards for known compatibility and reliability
  • Optional ejector and card retainer can be purchased pre-assembled or separately
  • Integral side solder tab with card grounding feature and also prevent the card from 'flying' out of header during ejection
Features for 3M™ Ejector for CFast™ Card, 7G24 Series:
  • Mounts onto "3M™ Connector for CFast™ Card"
  • Modular 'Snap on' design allows a shorter assembly time to the connector
  • Use with connector for normal card polarization
  • Meets the requirement of 10000 durability cycle as per CFA Standard

Features for 3M™ CF Card Ejector and Latching Retainer, 7E50 Series:

  • Mounts to 3M’s CompactFlash™ Type II, Long Guide, Surface Mount Headers
  • Modular "snap on" design and multiple button types for design flexibility
  • Can be used with either top or bottom mount (normal or inverse polarization) headers
  • Latching retainer is used with normal polarization 3M's Compact Flash™ Type II headers
  • Latching Retainer can be also use with 3M™ Connector for CFast™ Card
  • Latching Retainer provides enhanced retaining strength to the card and keeps it in place under high vibration environment
  • Can be preassembled to connector to reduce handling and assembly time
  • Meets CFA standards for known compatibility and reliability

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