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Product News

3M™ Industrial RJ45 Modular Plug

The 3M Industrial RJ45 Modular Plug is based on the standard RJ45 pin profile and was developed specifically for use in rugged industrial IP 20 environments using double-shielded, four twisted pair enhanced category 5 (Cat5e) cabling. 3M's 50-year, award-winning, insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology incorporated into the RJ45 modular plug allows a reliable and easy termination process without the need to strip the wires. This RJ45 modular plug can be terminated in the field using only a pair of pliers. The plug is compact at 44 mm long and has a robust design that helps reduce the likelihood of the latch breaking during multiple insertion and withdrawal cycles. All components of the field terminable Industrial RJ45 Modular Plug are provided in a convenient blister pack.

The 3M Industrial RJ45 Modular Plug is designed to be used mainly in industrial atmospheres as an interface for industrial ethernet. More and more industrial appliances are connected and controlled using ethernet technology to optimize factory and process automation. However, a more noise-tolerant and robust-structured modular plug is required compared to a common office LAN application. The modular plugs and cables must have a strong shielded structure and be designed to work in harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, etc

Typical applications include industrial machinery:

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs)
  • Remote I/Os
  • Human Machine Interface (HMIs)
  • Industrial PCs
  • Industrial Robots
  • Inspection Cameras
    Part Number View Inventory
    3r108 3M Industrial RJ45 Modcular Plug

Fast Facts:

  • Allows customers to use only the cable length they need
  • Easy and reliable IDC termination with no special wire prep; no stripping, tinning
    or special tooling
  • Compatible to double-shielded Cat5e cables
    - Solid Wire: AWG 24
    - Stranded Wire: AWG 24-26 (7 wires)
    - Max Diameter: 6.8 mm
  • Robust structured latch helps minimize breakages
  • 4-side shielding
  • Compact length: 44 mm
  • EU RoHS Compliant*

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