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Product News

3M™ Power Clamp Connectors

3M Power Clamp Connectors are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications commonly found in a wide range of industrial controls systems, networking systems, medical equipment and factory automation. The Power Clamp offering is suitable for CLPA’s CC-Link open technology field level networking applications and protocols. This will help reduce intermatability issues relative to interconnecting a variety of different factory automation equipment. The applications include integrating a wide range of automation devices, from numerous suppliers, on a single network. It is designed to provide outstanding I/O performance and efficiency through reduced wiring. The Power Clamp solution significantly helps reduce the amount of control and power wiring needed in today’s complex production lines. In turn, it provides flexibility in constructing production lines, using CLPA partner products and helps eliminate the confusion of interconnecting automation equipment since the Power Clamp offering is part of CLPA’s CC-Link standard.

3M Power Clamp Connectors

Power Clamp Connectors are also suitable for many applications beyond CLPA where signal and power need to be distributed.

3M Power Clamp products use the advantage of 3M’s IDC technology and are designed to provide a safe and reliable electrical connection between control units and devices (servo drives, stepper drives, vision, human machine interfaces, IO and other controllers). These connectors do not require any special tooling or pre-treatment of cables such as stripping and tinning, and can be easily and simply terminated using a standard pair of pliers.

Part Number View Inventory
35505-6 Wiremount Socket
35805-6 Wiremount Plug for Wire-to-Wire
35805-6 Wiremount Plug for Wire-to-Wire Panel Mount Use
79116-PCL-01M Latch Support Metal Clip for Wiremount Support

Benefits of Power Clamp products include:

  • a simple installation process that does not create virtually any material debris or waste;
  • a labor saving IDC termination process relative to traditional interconnect alternatives;
  • ease of assembly for system building; and a design that provides for consistent quality and reliability – “Just Squeeze" together to complete a high reliable wire to contact termination.

Features include:

  • a semi-transparent, color-coded cover to allow for proper wire usage;
  • wire alignment built into the cover all to allow for proper wire termination; and
  • latches and polarization to allow for proper mating of the connectors.

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