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SPD08 Series High-Speed Card-Edge Connector

The High-Speed Card-Edge Connector SPD08 is the latest board-to-board offering from 3M. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications in datacom systems, enterprise servers, telecommunications equipment defense and test applications.

The SPD08 connector can also be used in several different design applications, including: mezzanine board stacking designs requiring transmission of high-speed (up to 15 Gbps), high density, controlled impedance signals; and wire-to-board designs requiring transmission of high speed signals (up to 20 Gbps).

Key Features:

  • Supports High-speed Board-to-board Connections
    • Controlled impedance, crosstalk limiting contact design supports speeds up to 15 Gbps (at 30 mm stack height)
    • Embedded ground plane within riser card limits row-to-row crosstalk and enhances signal integrity
    • Supports XAUI, PCI Express (Gen 1/2/3), SATA and other application speeds
  • Flexible Stacking Height and Robust Connection
    • Supports flexible stacking height (16-40 mm) with the use of a PCB intermediate riser card
    • Robust contact design is tolerant of misalignment, provides a reliable connection and supports blind mate
  • High Density Board Footprint
    • High density (0.8 mm pitch), two-row design conserves board space and simplifies trace routing
  • Flexible Design Options
    • 20-200 contact positions (see availability and standard configuration details in customer drawing 78-5100-2420-7)
    • Available with optional latches for robust mechanical stability
    • 0.5A current rating per contact for mixed signal and power applications
  • Widespread Applicability
    • Supports up to 25 Gbps wire-to-board applications using 3M Twin Axial Cable terminated to the edge


  • Communications Networking
  • Enterprise
  • Industrial/Factory Automation
  • Test and Instrumentation
  • Military Applications
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spd08 SPD08 Series High-Speed Card-Edge Connector

See also:
SPD08 Series (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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