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SlimLine Twin Axial Cable Assembly (SFF-8654), 8ES4 Series and 8ES8 Series

3M introduces their new 3M™ SlimLine Twin Axial Cable Assembly (SFF-8654), 8ES4 Series and 8ES8 Series. These new cable assemblies are ideal for either SAS or PCIe applications. The assemblies utilize 3M's ultra-low profile, high speed, high signal density Twin Axial Cable. The SlimLine cable assemblies are perfect for space constrained systems due to the unique cable construction that allows folding and bending without adversely impacting performance. The ribbons foldability provides more freedom to design folded cable assemblies optimized to maximize system density, streamline system assembly and enhance airflow.3M SlimLine Twin Axial Cable Assemblies

The SlimLine Cable Assembly is a passive copper cable assembly that is low in profile, highly-routable and foldable which makes it perfect for storage, networking, and high-performance computing applications. The low profile design of the 3M cable assemblies allow them to pass through narrow openings between server components. Multiple folded cable assemblies can be efficiently stacked into a harness design in order to maximize space utilization, optimize cooling and streamline the installation. These cable assemblies are compatible with SFF-8654 specifications for straight and right angle assemblies.

Features & Benefits:

  • x4 and x8 configurations
  • SFF-8654 straight and right angle
  • Signal wire size 30AWG and 31AWG
  • Standard lengths 0.5m, 0.75m, and 1m
  • PCIe (85 ohm) applications
  • Custom folded assemblies available
  • Thin ribbon cable construction
  • Allows for extremely tight bend radii with minimal performance impact
  • Lower profile than other similar AWG twin axial cables
  • Allows for dense routing, more routing options within a case
  • Hard goods construction saves time and cost during assembly installation
  • Foldable ribbon construction and harness options can reduceassembly skew count


  • PCIe applications
  • Enterprise Equipment
  • Data Center Compute
  • Storage Equipment

Part Number View Inventory
8ES4-1AA21-0.75 ASSY/TA/SL/PCIe/x4/30AWG/8P/.75m/ST
8ES4-1DF21-0.75 ASSY/TA/SL/PCIe/x4/30AWG/12P/.75m/ST
8ES8-1AA21-0.75 ASSY/TA/SL/PCIe/x8/30AWG/16P/.75m/ST
8ES8-1DD21-0.75 ASSY/TA/SL/PCIe/x8/31AWG/24P/.75m/ST
8ES8-1DF21-0.75 ASSY/TA/SL/PCIe/x8/30AWG/24P/.75m/ST

See also:
3M™ High-Speed Cable Assembly Solutions (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.


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