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Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire Product News

FIT Heat-Shrink Tubing & Wire Management

FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing

FIT heat-shrink tubing offers a reliable way to protect and seal terminations, while adding additional mechanical ruggedness.

The Alpha Wire FIT line consists of a wide range of general-purpose and special-purpose styles, materials and tubing types, each having unique attributes that provide solutions for use in the broadest possible range of applications and environments.

Made from premium compounds under the tightest manufacturing controls, FIT will consistently have excellent physical characteristics.

FIT Wire Management Solutions

General-Purpose Tubing
Alpha Wire's range of tubing includes traditional solid PVC turbing to convoluted slit loom tubing and spiral wrap. Zipper Tubing & provides a professional finish to wiring installations by eliminating exposed wiring and providing added protection against flame, chemicals and abrasion.

Flexible PTFE Tubing
PTFE tubing provides a heat and abrasion resistant wire insulator under the most adverse conditions. With an unmatched temperature range, exceptional abrasion resistance and excellent dielectric properties, it maintains flexibility over its entire temperature rangers. Alpha offers both standard-wall and space-saving thin-wall versions.

Fiberglass Sleeving
Alpha fiberglass sleeving is used to provide extra protection for cable in a tough external environment. Available uncoated or coated with acrylic, PCV or silicone to provide the best match for applications requirements.

Woven Sleeving
Alpha's expandable and nonexpendable woven sleeving gives you the range of performance you need for applications running from general purpose to extreme of abrasion, chemicals, and temperature. With eleven families, woven in different braid densities from materials ranging from PVC and nylon to PPS and PTFE, finding the right sleeving for your application is easy.

Lacing Tape
Alpha lacing tapes offer high tensile strength, flexibility, and knot retention, maintaining a wide contact area with the insulation so that it remains in place. Nylon has excellent tensile strength and resists acids, abrasion, flame, and fungus. Polyester has all the characteristics of nylon, but has better resistance to acids, and no appreciable discoloration.

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