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AMP - Compact PCI

What is PCI?

"... an adaptation of the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Specification for industrial and/or embedded applications requiring a more robust mechanical form factor that desktop PCI."

Compact PCI is an important alternative to proprietary bus topologies.  It allows communications equipment designers to build systems using third-party hardware, as well as off-the-shelf PCI silicon and software.  This results in expanded system options, reduced development cost, and accelerates time-to-market for new products.

Compact PCI Advantages

  • Provides an economical way for PCI users to upgrade their electrical and mechanical system performance.

  • the 2mm HM Connector Features:

    • High Density - 2mm contact spacing provides 20 signal pins in a 3U format.

    • High Performance - enhanced ground return shields improve EMI/RFI performance.

    • Ruggedness - Pin and socket connectors qualified by Bellcore, with built-in guidance and keying mechanisms.

    • Sequencing - Staggered pin heights allow first-make-last-break unmating and hot swapping.

  • CPCI is expected to generate significant growth near-term.

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