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FCI Introduces Griplet™ Low Profile and
Compact IDC Terminal

FCI’s new Griplet™ connector offers a robust solution for miniature IDC Wire-to-Board connections. The low profile and compact design makes Griplet™ an ideal connector where space is tight and ease of installation is important. Each connector has a height of 3.7mm and a footprint of 4.0mm x 6.1mm.

Specially designed for a stackable pitch up to 12 positions, the common housings are available to secure and protect terminated components. Griplet™ provides a highly reliable connection, and is suitable in harsh and industrial market applications where direct connection between individual wires and PCB are required.

“The Griplet™ accommodates multiple wire sizes which reduces the total applied cost versus solder or crimp process” comments Fabrizio Stango, Commercial Portfolio Director at FCI. “And custom made housings are available for automatic pick and place processes”.

Griplet™ connectors supports various wire-to-board applications such as industrial and instrumentation, automation controls, sensors, LED lighting, white goods and automotive. 

Part Number View Inventory
Griplet™ Low Profile and Compact IDC Terminal 10127850-001LF


Features & Benefits:

  • Low profile / compact
    • Connecting discrete wire components directly to the PCB when space is a constraint
    • Bringing power and signals onto a PCB
    • Daisy chaining PCB to create continuous string of boards
    • Individual contacts can be located anywhere on the PCB
  • Four points of wire contact plus strain relief
    • Highly reliable connection
    • Enable harsh and industrial market applications with direct connection between individual wires and PCB
  • Accommodates multiple wire sizes
    • Reduced total applied cost compared to solder or crimp processes
  • Break-off carrier strip
    • 90° bend allows easy break away and removal
  • Post applied insulative housings
    • Custom-made housing for automatic Pick & Place
  • Multiple Terminal Delivery Options: Singulated in bags, On Reel/ Continuous strip, Stitched on pitch within disposable Pick & Place carrier
    • Manual application or Vibratory Bowl application
    • Automated application
    • Customizable pitch


  • Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Smart Meters
  • Thermostats
  • Automation Controls
  • Sensors
  • LED Lighting
  • White Goods
  • Automotive

See also:
Griplet™ Datasheet (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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