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Amphenol PCD

Amphenol PCD Backshells & Dustcaps

Amphenol PCD Backshells & DustcapsAmphenol Pcd Backshells are available in several different types are designed for optimum performance in the application or environment in which they will be used.

Amphenol Backshells are available in three different angular profiles: straight, 90 degree and 45 degree. These profiles will meet most of the cable routing required in the interconnect market. Dustcaps protect the chamber for shorting, loop backs and integrated electronics.


Wire Bundle and Cable Management, Lighting, IFE and Galley, Avionic Control, Instrumentation, Aircraft Power Distribution, Weapon Systems, Actuation and Sensors, Radio/Datalink/Antenna/C4I, Shelter Power Management; Military, Commercial Aerospace, Industrial

Part Number View Inventory
D38999/32W11N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W11R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W13N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W13R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W15N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W15R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W17N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W17R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W19N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W19R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W21N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W23N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W25N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32W25R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32Z11N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/32Z13N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33F09N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33F11R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33F13R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W09N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W09R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W11N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W11R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W13N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W13R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W15N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W15R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W17N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W17R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W19N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W19R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W21N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W21R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W23N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W23R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W25N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
D38999/33W25R Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-38999-III
M85049/10-13W Backshell
M85049/10-21W Backshell
M85049/14S25W Backshell
M85049/16G17W Backshell
M85049/1712W03 Backshell
M85049/1714W05 Backshell
M85049/1716W06 Backshell
M85049/1809W02 Backshell
M85049/1811W02 Backshell
M85049/1811W03 Backshell
M85049/1813W02 Backshell
M85049/1813W03 Backshell
M85049/1813W03A Backshell
M85049/1813W04 Backshell
M85049/1815W02 Backshell
M85049/1815W03 Backshell
M85049/1815W05 Backshell
M85049/1817N06 Backshell
M85049/1817W03 Backshell
M85049/1817W04 Backshell
M85049/1817W05 Backshell
M85049/1817W06A Backshell
M85049/1819W03 Backshell
M85049/1821W06 Backshell
M85049/1823W03 Backshell
M85049/1825W07 Backshell
M85049/1911W03 Backshell
M85049/1913W04 Backshell
M85049/1925W06 Backshell
M85049/24-6W Backshell
M85049/24-75N Backshell
M85049/24-9W Backshell
M85049/25-13W Backshell
M85049/25-17N Backshell
M85049/25-17W Backshell
M85049/25-25W Backshell
M85049/26-1-12W Backshell
M85049/26-1-14W Backshell
M85049/26-2-12 Backshell
M85049/26-2-14 Backshell
M85049/26-2-16 Backshell
M85049/26-2-24 Backshell
M85049/26-2-36 Backshell
M85049/27-14N Backshell
M85049/31-12W Backshell
M85049/31-14W Backshell
M85049/31-16W Backshell
M85049/31-18N Backshell
M85049/31-22W Backshell
M85049/31S16W Backshell
M85049/3614N02 Backshell
M85049/3614W04 Backshell
M85049/3616N04 Backshell
M85049/38-11N Backshell
M85049/38-13A Backshell
M85049/38-13N Backshell
M85049/38-15A Backshell
M85049/38-15N Backshell
M85049/38-17A Backshell
M85049/38-17N Backshell
M85049/38-17W Backshell
M85049/38-19N Backshell
M85049/38-19W Backshell
M85049/38-21A Backshell
M85049/38-21N Backshell
M85049/38-23N Backshell
M85049/38-25A Backshell
M85049/38-25N Backshell
M85049/38-25W Backshell
M85049/38-9A Backshell
M85049/38-9N Backshell
M85049/38S19N Backshell
M85049/38S19W Backshell
M85049/38S21W Backshell
M85049/38S23N Backshell
M85049/38S23W Backshell
M85049/38S25N Backshell
M85049/38S9A Backshell
M85049/39-11W Backshell
M85049/39-13W Backshell
M85049/39-15A Backshell
M85049/39-15N Backshell
M85049/39-15W Backshell
M85049/39-17W Backshell
M85049/39-23W Backshell
M85049/39-25A Backshell
M85049/39-25W Backshell
M85049/39-9N Backshell
M85049/39-9W Backshell
M85049/39S11N Backshell
M85049/39S13W Backshell
M85049/39S15W Backshell
M85049/39S17W Backshell
M85049/39S25N Backshell
M85049/39S25W Backshell
M85049/39S9N Backshell
M85049/39S9W Backshell
M85049/41-10A Backshell
M85049/41-16A Backshell
M85049/41-6A Backshell
M85049/41-8A Backshell
M85049/42-8DW Backshell
M85049/49-2-10N Backshell
M85049/49-2-10W Backshell
M85049/49-2-12N Backshell
M85049/49-2-12W Backshell
M85049/49-2-14N Backshell
M85049/49-2-14W Backshell
M85049/49-2-16N Backshell
M85049/49-2-16W Backshell
M85049/49-2-18N Backshell
M85049/49-2-18W Backshell
M85049/49-2-20N Backshell
M85049/49-2-20W Backshell
M85049/49-2-22N Backshell
M85049/49-2-22W Backshell
M85049/49-2-24N Backshell
M85049/49-2-8N Backshell
M85049/49-2-8W Backshell
M85049/49-2S10N Backshell
M85049/49-2S12N Backshell
M85049/49-2S12W Backshell
M85049/49-2S14W Backshell
M85049/49-2S16W Backshell
M85049/49-2S24N Backshell
M85049/49-2S8N Backshell
M85049/49-2S8W Backshell
M85049/51-1-10N Backshell
M85049/51-1-10W Backshell
M85049/51-1-12N Backshell
M85049/51-1-14A Backshell
M85049/51-1-14N Backshell
M85049/51-1-16N Backshell
M85049/51-1-16W Backshell
M85049/51-1-18W Backshell
M85049/51-1-20N Backshell
M85049/51-1-22N Backshell
M85049/51-1-24W Backshell
M85049/51S10N Backshell
M85049/51S12N Backshell
M85049/51S14N Backshell
M85049/51S14W Backshell
M85049/52-1-10A Backshell
M85049/52-1-10W Backshell
M85049/52-1-12A Backshell
M85049/52-1-14A Backshell
M85049/52-1-16W Backshell
M85049/52-1-18N Backshell
M85049/52-1-18W Backshell
M85049/52-1-20W Backshell
M85049/52-1-22A Backshell
M85049/52-1-24N Backshell
M85049/52-1-24W Backshell
M85049/52-1-28W Backshell
M85049/52-1-8A Backshell
M85049/52-1-8N Backshell
M85049/52S10W Backshell
M85049/52S12N Backshell
M85049/52S14N Backshell
M85049/52S16N Backshell
M85049/52S16W Backshell
M85049/52S18W Backshell
M85049/52S20W Backshell
M85049/52S22W Backshell
M85049/52S28N Backshell
M85049/52S8N Backshell
M85049/52S8W Backshell
M85049/53-10W Backshell
M85049/55-08A Backshell
M85049/55-10A Backshell
M85049/55-12A Backshell
M85049/55-12W Backshell
M85049/55-14A Backshell
M85049/55S10W Backshell
M85049/55S12W Backshell
M85049/55S16W Backshell
M85049/55S20W Backshell
M85049/56-12W Backshell
M85049/60-1A32 Backshell
M85049/60-1N12 Backshell
M85049/60-2G10N Backshell
M85049/60-2G14N Backshell
M85049/63-8W Backshell
M85049/69-11A Backshell
M85049/69-11N Backshell
M85049/69-11W Backshell
M85049/69-13N Backshell
M85049/69-13W Backshell
M85049/69-15A Backshell
M85049/69-15N Backshell
M85049/69-15W Backshell
M85049/69-17A Backshell
M85049/69-17N Backshell
M85049/69-17W Backshell
M85049/69-19N Backshell
M85049/69-19W Backshell
M85049/69-21W Backshell
M85049/69-23W Backshell
M85049/69-25A Backshell
M85049/69-25W Backshell
M85049/69-9A Backshell
M85049/69-9W Backshell
M85049/79-11W03 Backshell
M85049/79-13W03 Backshell
M85049/79-13W04 Backshell
M85049/79-15W03 Backshell
M85049/8-15W Backshell
M85049/8-16W Backshell
M85049/8-6W Backshell
M85049/82-12N03 Backshell
M85049/82-14W02 Backshell
M85049/85-10N02 Backshell
M85049/88-11N03 Backshell
M85049/88-11W03 Backshell
M85049/88-13N03 Backshell
M85049/88-15N03 Backshell
M85049/88-15W02 Backshell
M85049/88-17N03 Backshell
M85049/88-17W03 Backshell
M85049/88-19N03 Backshell
M85049/88-21N03 Backshell
M85049/88-23N03 Backshell
M85049/88-25N03 Backshell
M85049/88-9N03 Backshell
M85049/88-9W03 Backshell
M85049/89-11N03 Backshell
M85049/9-10W Backshell
M85049/9-13W Backshell
M85049/9-15W Backshell
M85049/9-40W Backshell
M85049/9-6W Backshell
M85049/9-9W Backshell
M85049/90-11N03 Backshell
M85049/90-11W03 Backshell
M85049/90-13W02 Backshell
M85049/90-13W03 Backshell
M85049/90-15N03 Backshell
M85049/90-17W03 Backshell
M85049/90-9N03 Backshell
M85049/90-9W03 Backshell
MS25042-10D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-10DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-12DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-14D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-14DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-16D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-16DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-18D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-18DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-20D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-20DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-22D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-22DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-24D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-24DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-28D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-32D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-32DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25042-36D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-10D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-10DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-12D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-12DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-14D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-14DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-16D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-16DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-18D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-18DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-20D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-20DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-22D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-22DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-24D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-24DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-28D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-28DA Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-32D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS25043-36D Dust Cap, Mil-C-5015
MS3180-10C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-10CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-12C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-12CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-14C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-14CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-16C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-16CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-18CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-20C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-20CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-22C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-22CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-24C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-8C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-8CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3180-8CAL Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-10C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-10CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-10N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-10NA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-12C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-12CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-12N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-12NA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-12RA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-14C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-14CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-14N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-14NA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-16C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-16CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-16N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-16NA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-18C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-18CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-18NA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-20C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-20CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-22C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-22CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-22NA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-24C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-8C Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-8CA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-8N Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482
MS3181-8NA Dust Cap, Mil-Dtl-26482

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