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New High Power PSMP Offers the Ultimate Board to Board Solution

Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce its new PSMP interface as the perfect solution for board-to-board applications. With a minimum board spacing of 12.6 mm, the compact three-piece design allows maximum flexibility for high-density board spacing, and is an ideal solution for blind-mating situations.

PSMP connectors are the best combination of SMPs and SMAs. They are compact, board-to-board designs capable of high-performance and high-frequency. PSMP connectors are designed for high power applications up to 200 W at frequencies of 2.2 GHz and have an operating frequency up to 10 GHz. PSMP interconnects offer high flexibility due to misalignment (axial + 1 mm, radial 4°) and are available in smooth bore, limited detent and full detent configurations. The PSMP has the exact same PCB footprint as the SMP, allowing for easy conversion of applications for higher power handling.

PSMP interconnects are suitable for a wide range of board to board applications including base stations, filter units, amplifiers and handheld radios.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Frequency operation up to 10 GHz
  • 200 W @ 2.2GHz continuous power
  • 12.6 mm minimum board spacing
  • Axial misalignment: +/- 1 mm
  • Snap-on coupling


  • Base Stations
  • Radios
  • Filters
  • Amplifiers
  • Handheld Radio
Part Number View Inventory
PSMP-FSBA-1000 RF Adpt, PSMP Plug/Plug - 10.00mm, 50 ohm
PSMP-FSBA-1042 RF Adpt, PSMP Plug/Plug - 10.42mm, 50 ohm
PSMP-FSBA-1175 RF Adpt, PSMP Plug/Plug - 11.75mm, 50 ohm
PSMP-FSBA-1755 RF Adpt, PSMP Plug/Plug - 17.55mm, 50 ohm
PSMP-FSBA-1970 RF Adpt, PSMP Plug/Plug - 19.70mm, 50 ohm
PSMP-FSBA-2380 RF Adpt, PSMP Plug/Plug - 23.80mm, 50 ohm
PSMP-FSBA-2580 RF Adpt, PSMP Plug/Plug - 25.80mm, 50 ohm
PSMP-MSLD-CSB PSMP ST Jack, Round Post - Blkhd Mt, Limited Detent, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSLD-PCE PSMP ST PCB Jack - EM, Limited Detent, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSLD-PCS PSMP ST PCB Jack - SM, Limited Detent, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSLD-PCSEM PSMP ST PCB Jack, EMI Ring - SM, Limited Detent, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSLD-PCT1R PSMP ST PCB Jack, T/H Legs - R/A Contact, Limited Detent, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSLD-PCT25 PSMP ST PCB Jack, T/H - Limited Detent, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSLD-PCT35 PSMP ST PCB Jack, T/H - Limited Detent, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSLD-PCTEM PSMP ST PCB Jack, EMI Ring - T/H, Limited Detent, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSSB-CSB PSMP ST Jack, Round Post - Blkhd Mt, Smooth Bore, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSSB-PCS PSMP ST PCB Jack, SM - Smooth Bore, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSSB-PCT1R PSMP ST PCB Jack, T/H Legs - R/A Contact, Smooth Bore, 50 Ohm
PSMP-MSSB-PCT35 PSMP ST PCB Jack, T/H - Smooth Bore, 50 Ohm

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