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Product News

Global RF Solutions for the Medical Market

The ever expanding medical field is now implementing concepts of telehealth and telerehabilitation to expedite the process of transmitting information. This rapidly developing application of clinical medicine transmits information in real time (synchronous) or at given points throughout the day (asynchronous). Amphenol RF has a complete portfolio of connectors to meet the rigorous demands of the medical market.
Key products include:

SMBThe 50Ω SMB coaxial connector series has a snap-on interface which allows for easy mating and un-mating while providing 360° of rotation. This feature enables flexibility within dense layouts. More information

MCXAvailable in 50 Ω and 75 Ω versions, the MCX coaxial connector series provides RF interconnect options where weight and physical space are limited. While the MCX uses identical contact and insulator dimensions as the SMB, the outer diameter of the plug is 30% smaller than the SMB. When space is at a premium, the MMCX series allows for an even smaller footprint with a plug outer diameter that is 45% smaller than the SMB. More information

AMCAmphenol RF’s 50 Ω AMC cable assemblies are ideal for space-constrained board-to-board connections in small devices. Their snap-on interface performs superbly under shock and vibration conditions, making them ideal for wireless handheld devices. The AMC series has a low profile (2.5 mm off the board) and offers an extremely small board footprint (3 mm x 3 mm). More information

Non-MagenticAmphenol RF now manufactures coaxial connectors for use in non-magnetic environments, such as MRI, Satellites, and communication systems. Non-magnetic coaxial connectors are used for carrying 50 O RF signals within the magnetic field of MRI equipment where a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is required. These connectors are manufactured under strict quality procedures throughout the entire production process to ensure that each connector will not produce image artifacts during MRI scans. All products are 100% tested for magnetism prior to shipping and are available in the following interfaces: SMB, MCX and MMCX. All products are 100% tested for magnetic permeability in our incoming raw material inspection, after machining and the incoming inspection of plated components. More information


  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Wireless Patient Monitoring
  • Implantable Medical Devices (IMD's)
  • Hospital Equipment RFID
  • Ultrasound

See also:
Medical RF Solutions (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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