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Amphenol Sine Systems was founded in 1967 and is a subsidiary of the Amphenol Corporation and is a leader in Industrial interconnect products. The company designs, manufacturers and supplies high-performance interconnect systems for a broad range of Industrial applications including factory automation, motion control, heavy equipment, alternative energy, rail mass transportation and advanced technology solutions for hybrid-electric vehicles. We can custom design, engineer and manufacture cable assemblies to your exact customer specifications and produce large or small quantities, all to the highest standards, delivered on-time and in-specification, all with a significant cost-savings over the competition. Heilind will work with you to design the most cost-efficient and reliable interconnect system available.

Recently Announced

  • AT/ATP Series Panel|Mate - Combines flange mounting options with the proven reliability of the AT/ATP Series™ environmentally-sealed thermoplastic connection system. Engineered with a one-piece sealed flange design for rapid and secure mounting, its durable high temperature silicone facial seal provides a barrier of protection from lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids and fossil fuels to withstand the challenges and complexities of harsh environment applications.
  • AT Series Board|Lock™ Series - Combines flangeless wire-to-board versatility with the proven reliability of the A Series™ environmentally sealed thermoplastic connection system. Perfect for power or data signal applications, Board|Lock™ features a unique design which is compact, low-profile, lightweight and delivers proven durability in off-road and harsh environments.
  • Amphenol AT-SR01 Series™ (Strain Relief) - Amphenol Sine Systems' AT-SR01 Series™ (Strain Relief) specifically designed wire cavities protect each individual wire seal, eliminating stress on the rear seal, maintaining IP67 sealing performance regardless of wire bundle direction or improper installation.
  • A Series - Our A Series™ product lines, which include AT, ATP, ATM and AHD Series™, have key placement in all areas of Heavy Duty Equipment, Agriculture, Marine, Automotive, Military, Alternative Energy and other demanding interconnect applications.

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