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Brady identifies and protects products, people and premises with high-performance labels, industrial label printers, software, safety and facility identification, spill control, Lockout Tagout solutions and more. Brady's high-performance materials clearly identify products, components and other assets, even in the most extreme conditions.

Recently Announced

Brady BSP™45 Automated Sleeve Applicator - The BSP™45 Automated Sleeve Applicator from Brady is an easy-to-use, faster and more cost-effective alternative to manual sleeve application.

Brady BMP®61 Label Printer - Designed for quick and efficient identification of wires, cable and components. With high performance materials that can handle the toughest industrial identification applications, the BMP®61 is your rugged and reliable partner in the field and dependable workhorse in the shop.

Brady PermaSleeve® Wire Marking Sleeves - Brady's non-adhesive, printable heat shrink wire marking sleeves fit snugly around wires or cables for maximum insulation protection and permanent identification.

Brady B-717 Thermal Transfer Printable Labels - Brady THT-1-717-10 is a 0.250" x 0.750" (6.350 mm x 19.050 mm) thermal-transfer printable high-temperature ESD industrial polyimide barcode label intended to survive aggressive harsh wash processes to provide traceability throughout the assembly process.

Brady B-727 Gloss 2-Mil White THT Polyimide Material - High-temperature polyimide material (2 mil) featuring dibutyl and dioctyl tin free top coat with a gloss finish to withstand wave solder environments for printed circuit board and electronic component pre-process labeling.

Brady B-593 Raised Panel Labels - Brady’s raised panel labels offer a cost-effective alternative to engraved legend plates. With a thicker, more durable structure and foam-backed aggressive adhesive, these on-demand legend plates will help you meet all of your lean manufacturing goals.

BMP21-PLUS Label Printer – Tough on the outside. Smart on the inside. The BMP21-PLUS portable label printer takes on the toughest labeling jobs in the field. Whether you're in a server room, servicing a breaker box or organizing your workplace, you can count on the BMP21-PLUS labeler to get the job done.

Brady BMP41 Label Printer – The BMP®41 label printer from Brady is a new portable printer that is easy-to-use and can print durable 1-inch wide die-cut or continuous labels for a variety of datacom and electrical applications.

Easy as One, Two, Thirty - Select Brady printers 30% off March 1st through June 30, 2013.

BBP33 Label Printer - The BBP33 Label Maker is an industrial label printer that's simple, powerful and brilliantly fast and features full hassle-free operation with automatic label set-up, no calibration, no sensor adjustment and no label waste.

BMP51 Label Maker - The BMP51 Label Maker has all the latest features for portable printing on the go. It has a 300 dpi print head and prints at a speed of 1 inch per second.

BMP71 Label Maker - The BMP71 labeler can print on more than 30 types of label materials, including PermaSleeve wire markers, indoor/outdoor vinyl, polyester die-cut labels, flag labels, self-laminating wire markers and raised panel labels.

Wraptor Wire ID Printer - The Brady Wraptor system improves productivity and adds quality by combining the printing and application of labels in one easy-to-use unit.

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