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Custom Connectors Case Studies



EDAC has been designing and manufacturing interconnect products for over 40 years. Today they supply a wide variety of products to customers across the globe. Understanding their markets and customers allows EDAC to provide off-the-shelf and customised products manufactured to the highest quality standards. EDAC has the unique ability to manufacture alternatives to obsolete parts - there is no need to accept a PDN. "We are focussed on solving problems and supplying solutions to ensure that you get the right product for the right job. Our Experience Makes the Difference."

Custom Design

EDAC prides themselves on a flexible approach to making standard connectors into custom connectors to meet specific customer requirements. It's what makes EDAC 'Stand out from the Crowd'! "We manufacture 'made-to-spec' product where an off-the-shelf product is simply not good enough. We are also able to move fast - from concept into production in just 12 weeks, with prototypes as quick as 4 weeks. We have experienced Engineering Teams ready to build specifications and produce drawings. Options are also available for soft tooling samples."

Why Custom Solutions?


  • Quick release system where there is a trip hazard
  • Unique non-standard connector required to prevent non-approved cable insertion
  • Polarised or 'keyed' system to prevent mis-mating
  • Locking system for prevention of unauthorised removal

Custom Logo

  • Customer specific logo moulded into the connector housing. Custom insulator colours are also possible

Proprietary Design

  • Proprietary Design where a customer wishes to use their own design
  • Non standard connector or cable assembly not readily available through standard channels

Special Sealing & Size Limitation

  • Sealing for harsh environments
  • Unusual or constrained spaces where standard products will not fit

Special Technical Requirements

  • Voltage requirements beyond standard ratings
  • High temperature plastics to withstand non-standard temperatures
  • Moulded strain relief

Case Study 1

Case 1
Type: Male and Female Micro 14-way Circular Connectors
Application: Signal interface for high precision industrial measuring probes
Problem: Customer making up connector from components
EDAC Benefits:
  • Save customer assembly and production
  • Saves customer having to test
  • High temperature insulator facilitates customer's solder process
  • No miss-mating of connectors with integral key

Case Study 2

Case 2
Type: Male and Female Press fit Connectors
Application: Wind Turbine Control Systems Module Bus Interconnection
Problem: High service costs means customer needs no fail connector
EDAC Benefits:
  • Heavy gold plating on active contact part insures consistency of interconnection
  • Insulator pre-alignment insures total reliability
  • Press fit tails incorporated in contact design to save assembly time
  • Hermaphroditic "tuning fork" contact design provides the dependable connection of modules desired for demanding on-shore and off-shore locations

Case Study 3

Case 3
Type: 4 port RJ45 Modular Jack Connector with LED indicators
Application: I/O Data Outputs
Problem: Customer needs to save real estate space
EDAC Benefits:

  • Design frees up 16% more PCB real estate
  • Accommodates customer's solder processes with a high temperature insulator
  • Offers Separate Bi colour and single colour LED traffic indication
  • Design allows standard RJ45 plugs to mate side by side

Case Study 4

Case 4
Type: Single, surface mount, IDC contact
Application: Mini PCB automotive sensor wire termination
Problem: Current supplier solder wire breaking with PCB potting process
EDAC Benefits:
  • Replaces labour intensive soldering process
  • Eliminates the breaking of wire joint during potting process
  • Facilitates automation of production process
  • Offers significant applied costs savings

Case Study 5

Case 5
Type: Circular Machine Pin Connector and Flex assembly
Application: Medical Probe Intrusive Disposable
Problem: BOM and labour costs are excessive
EDAC Benefits:
  • Finished assembly one part solution
  • Cost of assembly almost 50% less than producing themselves
  • Thickness and quality of Flex circuit superior to customers own part
  • Reduce item counts for purchasing and BOM administration costs
  • Freed up customer production for more viable use
  • Custom moulded to perfectly mate with customer receptacle

Case Study 6

Case 6
Type: 45° dual card edge connector
Application: Bill collector, gaming machine
Problem: Price, insulation resistance, thermal resistance, humidity
EDAC Benefits:
  • Better contact design resulting in better contact retention and resistance to humidity
  • Superior insulator design, increased durability, vibration and shock resistance
  • Better dielectric withstanding voltage and temperature cycling offering a significantly better design while offering substantial cost reductions

Case Study 7

Case 7
Type: Hermaphroditic Connector
Application: Wind Turbine Control Systems Interconnection
Problem: High service costs means customer needs no fail connector
EDAC Benefits:
  • Insulator pre-alignment shape insures total reliability
  • High temperature insulator facilitates customer's solder process
  • Connector suitable for pick and place production requirement
  • Hermaphroditic "tuning fork" contact design provides the dependable connection mandatory for demanding on-shore and off-shore locations

Case Study 8

Case 8
Type: Sensor Connector
Application: Boiler Flue Gas Monitoring
Problem: Customer needs secure operation of sensor for gas flue monitoring
EDAC Benefits:
  • Contacts plated with 1.27µm of gold for secure high temperature operation
  • Spring contacts ensure mating maintained to sensor pads
  • Connector orientation tabs insure correct mating to sensor pads
  • Interface seal ensures no interruption to mating area and sensor operation

See also: Custom Connectors Overview Brochure (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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