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FCI adds 18mm and 28mm Stack Heights to GIG-Array® High-Speed Connector Offering

FCI announces an extension of its GIG-Array® high-speed, high-density product line with the introduction of a new 13mm plug connector. These new GIG-Array mezzanine connectors provide either 200 or 296 signal contacts and add the capability for 18mm or 28mm board-to-board spacing when used in combination with the company's existing 5mm or 15mm receptacles. These stack heights expand upon the options for 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm spacing already available as part of the initial GIG-Array product range.

"We're offering equipment designers more stack-height options to enable them to address component clearance, airflow, or slot spacing requirements that are unique to their chassis designs. Blade server, communications, and networking equipment are among the applications that can benefit from the excellent high-speed electrical performance provided by GIG-Array connectors," said Grace Showers, FCI Global Product Manager. "GIG-Array differential pairs nominally provide 100 ohms matched impedance to deliver higher speed performance with less reflected power. GIG-Array connectors can support transmission rates in the range of 10 Gbps. "

The 296-position connector contains 37 columns with eight individual signal contacts and nine ground contacts in each column, while the 200-position connector contains 25 columns. The use of individual contacts for both signal and ground connections provides more flexibility in handling power or low-speed signals than systems that utilize interleaving ground shields.

All GIG-Array connectors feature FCI's innovative Ball Grid Array (BGA) connector termination for easy attachment to printed circuit boards using conventional reflow soldering processes. The 1mm x 0.65mm BGA grid optimizes routing and electrical performance.

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