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Shunt Developer's Kit From FCI Provides Ultimate Design Flexibility For Engineers

ETTERS, PA (November 28, 2006) — FCI, a leading developer of connectors and interconnect systems, is offering a shunt developer’s kit. The kit includes a number of shunts, with varying dimensions, platings and mechanical features to support many applications. This variety of shunts provides design flexibility with 2mm, 2.54mm, and multi-position pitch options, as well as mechanical, plating, color and low-cost options.

“The shunt developer’s kit provides engineers and designers with a variety of shunts and headers that enable them to design the perfect system to fit their needs,” said Sean Riley, regional marketing manager for FCI. “Design flexibility has become increasingly important with the growth of board technology. The ability to test each shunt in the design of the PCB is key in determining the best solution for the particular application.”

The compact, cost-efficient AirMax VS power connectors are ideal for applications where more powerful processors are continuously being added, such as servers and storage systems, switches and routers, medical electronics and instrumentation.

The Shunt Developer’s Kit includes many shunt samples, as well as several examples of Bergstik® unshrouded headers. The kit includes:

  • Minitek™ Shunt, 2mm, 1x2 gold plated with early contact point
  • Economy Shunt, 2.54mm, 1x2, gold plated
  • Multi-position Shunt, 2.54mm, 2x6, gold plated
  • Low-profile Shunt, 2.54mm, 1x2, tin plated with early contact point
  • Low-profile Shunt 2.54mm, 1x2, gold plated with early contact point
  • Bergstik unshrouded headers
  • Complete part number guide

The Low-profile and Economy shunts are available in multiple color options, and all of the samples have several plating options for gold and gold flash. The Low-profile, Economy and Multi-position shunts are offered with tin plating as well.

All of the products in the kit are lead-free, RoHS-compatible.

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