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FCI offers very cost effective stamped-and-formed contact technology for power distribution and power delivery applications.

FCI understands the evolving market requirements for power connectors and continues to provide innovative and cost-effective power product solutions to address the challenges of increasing power density and facilitating airflow for thermal management.

FCI can provide the design engineer with end-to-end power solutions for chassis-based equipment designs. FCI is ready with the right power solution for you.

FCI plays in three key areas of power delivery and distribution: Power Supply Interfaces primarily for servers and storage units; Host-To-Card for controller cards & blades; and Power Cables for power delivery and distribution elsewhere in the system via cabling.

View FCI Power Solutions microsite and browse through the broad range of power connector, installation tooling, and accessory solutions for power supply... Find a product you like? Grab the part number and search Heilind's estore for the product you want.

Power Supply Solutions Host-To-Card Solutions Power I/O Solutions
Power Card Edge
PwrBlade® Connector System
HCI® Connector System
Hard Metric (HM) High Power
HCI® High Power
PwrBlade® Connector Systems
Metral® Power Connectors
PwrBlade® Cables
Pwr TwinBlade™
USB + Power
Power D-Sub; µTCA™

FCI Power Density Matrix

PwrBlade® is the industry-standard power supply interconnect and is designed to handle DC, AC and distributed power.

The power density matrix below groups FCI’s power offerings by several key attributes.  The key attributes include product height above the PCB and linear current density (Amps/inch of board edge space) so power supply and system designers can choose the right product to meet their airflow and power density requirements.

*Current rating values are for a 30°C temperature rise and no airflow.

FCI Product Information Sheets
FCI - Backplane
AirMax VS Connector System
DIN 41612
Metral Core Connectors
Metral High Speed Connectors
Millipacs Connectors
ZipLine Connector System
FCI - Board and Wire
Board to Board Receptacles
CTW Terminals and Housings
High Density Mezzanine
High Speed Mezzanine
IDC Receptacles
Miniature Board to Board
Shrouded Headers
Shunts (Jumpers)
Unshrouded Headers
Express Card
HSIO (High Speed I/O)
Memory Sockets
Modular / Magnetic Jacks
PCMCIA & Card Bus
Smart Card
FCI - Power
Power Solutions
FCI - Storage Interface
Storage Interface Solutions Part 1
Storage Interface Solutions Part 2
FCI - Power IO Cable Assemblies
Cable Assemblies
FCI Microsites and Product Training Videos


Each microsite will provide additional product information such as product and application specifications, drawings and 3D models for board layouts as well as mating connector information is available. Learn More.

Training Videos

Walk through an online training session and increase your knowlede about these products and how they could help you.

Cable Assemblies
Flex (FFC/FPC)
High Speed
LED Applications
Power Solutions
Storage Interface
Terminal Blocks
Zipline Video

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