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FCI Expands Design Options With Low-Profile 3-Pair Airmax VS® Connector

ETTERS, PA. (May 3, 2005) — FCI has expanded the AirMax VS® family to include a low profile 3-pair connector. The AirMax VS 3-pair contains fewer pins per column than other AirMax connectors and has a slot spacing of only 16.7mm.

“The low profile of the AirMax VS 3-pair makes it ideal for use in blade servers and storage devices,” said John Burkett, FCI product manager. “The small slot spacing creates an open box that allows more airflow and cools the system, reducing the chances of overheating in systems such as servers.”

The AirMax VS system uses air as the dielectric between adjacent conductors, providing high signal density while exhibiting the industry’s lowest insertion loss and lowest crosstalk, all without the use of costly and space-consuming metal shields.

The unique design of AirMax VS’s Insert Molded Leadframe Assembly (IMLA) enables the same connector to be used for Differential Pair signals, Single Ended signals or power. Combining EMI optimization with the use of air as a dielectric, designers can freely mix Differential Pair, Single Ended signals and power in one connector. The AirMax VS is the only high speed backplane connector that allows for any allocation of signals within one connector, so customers’ systems can grow from 2.5Gb/s to 25Gb/s without requiring redesign of the basic platform.

AirMax VS 3-pair is available in 6 IMLA or 54 positions, 8 IMLA or 72 positions and 10 IMLA or 90 positions.

Pricing typically starts at $.10 per signal line with a lead time of 8 weeks.

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