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Press release

Etters, PA
February 19, 2008

FCI Introduces Pin-in-Paste Termination Millipacs® Type C Headers

ETTERS, PA. (February 19, 2008) -- FCI has introduced Pin-in-Paste termination Millipacs® Type C headers. Primarily used as daughter card connectors in rack systems, the technology is also being used for board-to-board and wire-to-board applications in the telecom and industrial markets.

This new technology helps to process SMD and THR components on the PCB using the same machines and procedures in a single step. It eliminates wave/selective soldering or press-fitting and helps save time and cost.

The 2mm Millipacs® family consists of 5-row and 8-row versions and has traditionally been offered with FCI's eye-of-needle press fit termination. This is the first in a potential range of solder-to-board, Pin-in-Paste applications. To smoothly incorporate into the board assembly process, the design features reflow temperature resistant resin, is packaged in tape, has a pick-up cap for automatic pick-and-place by vacuum nozzle and meets all requirements of IEC 61076-4-101.

The principle of PIP is that solder through-hole component posts are placed in PCB holes with SMT solder paste and then reflow soldered. The result and quality depends on the hole size verses the pin size, the amount of solder paste, and the PCB thickness.


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