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Press release

June 16, 2008

FCI Launches The HCIŽ Power Distribution Connector System With A Dedicated Microsite

ETTERS, PA. (June 16, 2008) — FCI, a leading developer of connectors and interconnect systems, announces the launch of the HCIŽ Power Distribution Connector System.

HCI technology anticipates increasing system power demands that are driving the need for greater power density. A single HCI power contact accommodates over 82 amps based on a 30°C temperature rise with zero airflow. The high current-carrying capacity coupled with a robust, molded-in guidance system are ideal for high-wattage, blind-mate power supplies.

Part Number View Inventory
10065127-001LF 10DC+24S Vertical HCIŽ Receptacle
10065864-003LF 10DC+24S Right Angle HCIŽ Header
10074864-003LF 2DC+16S+4DC Right Angle HCIŽ Header
10074866-001 2DC+16S+4DC Vertical HCIŽ Receptacle
10078546-001LF 8DC+20S Right Angle HCIŽ Header
10078548-001 8DC+20S Vertical HCIŽ Receptacle
10082091-003LF 11DC+24S Right Angle HCIŽ Header
10082093-001LF 11DC+24S Vertical HCIŽ Receptacle
10082722-001LF 7DC+24S+4DC Right Angle HCIŽ Header
10082724-001LF 7DC+24S+4DC Right Angle HCIŽ Receptacle
10084757-001LF 14DC+24S+14DC Right Angle HCIŽ Header
10084759-001LF 14DC+24S+14DC Vertical HCIŽ Receptacle

The stamped and formed HCI power contacts, initially pioneered by FCI on its PwrBlade Ž system, are an innovative and cost-effective alternative to expensive screw-machined contacts for high-current applications.

The HCI connector system is designed to address requirements that extend beyond the capability of FCI’s proven PwrBlade connector system, the industry standard for DC power supply interfaces and power distribution.

Tooled HCI configurations support standard co-planar and backplane interfaces. The fully integrated HCI design enables DC power, AC power and signal contacts in a single molded housing. Similar to PwrBlade, HCI is modularly tooled, allowing incredible flexibility to address custom configuration requirements.

HCI features cost-effective stamped contacts, a vented but touch-proof housing to optimize airflow above, below and through the connector. This allows heat to convect away from contact surfaces producing the lowest product height among comparable high-current connectors.


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