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FCI Announces a New USB+Power Connector System

FCI's new USB+Power connector system combine standard USB contacts with additional power contacts to address applications where power requirements exceed the capabilities of standard USB. This configuration provides an additional 3 amps (A) of current-carrying capacity beyond the 1 A supported by standard USB.

This capability can eliminate the need for an additional power connection to a peripheral device by enabling the device to be powered directly from the host device via the USB+Power interface. Applications such as inventory management, retail scanning, industrial processing, and gaming devices can benefit from this capability. USB+Power has been widely used in the point of sale (POS) device market for several years, being utilized as an I/O between the peripheral, usually a scanner, and host device, said the company.

The USB+Power connector system meets USB 2.0 requirements for data transmission speeds. Board-mounted receptacles are available in both standard through-hole and mid-board options. The plug and receptacle are both keyed and color-coded, depending on voltage, to ensure proper mating. Options for 5V, 12V or 24V are available. The USB+Power system also allows a standard USB cable plug to be inserted into the USB portion of the USB+Power receptacle.

The connector system also features an active latch on the cable plug to provide a more robust connection and positive retention to the board-mounted receptacle in comparison to standard USB, which utilizes passive retention. This feature makes the connector system suitable for critical applications in industrial and medical applications. FCI is licensed by IBM to manufacture the USB+Power receptacle connector.

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