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Han-Modular® Series Connectors

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Han-Modular® Series Connectors

What is Han-Modular®?

With the Han-Modular® series, you can optimally design connectors to supply machinery and equipment. This is made possible by combining individual modules for different transmission media. The connector handles different signal types through the combination of different modules that the designer selects. Modules can also be used to accommodate multimedia types, such as power, signal, and data can be combined into a single connector rather than separate connections.

Benefit From Modular Connectors

  • Space Savings – Integration of multiple connectors into a single unit allow for significant reduction in space requirements
  • Low-maintenance – Using a pre-assembled, pre-tested connector assembly can reduce hard wiring and installation time
  • Flexibility – With the Han-Modular® series, users can assemble their ‘own’ connectors according to their own individual requirements. Essentially creating a “custom” connector using standard stocked modules
  • Future Proof – Placeholder modules give you the flexibility to future-proof your modular connector design

Recent additions to the Han Modular Series Connector Family

Han-Modular® Hinged Frame Plus

Among others, the “plus” for the proven hinged frame comes in the form of an additional stainless steel spring that holds the frame together in the open and closed positions, as well as other details that have been optimized.

Han® Pneumatic Module(with metal contacts)

Enables frequent mating cycles for compressed air distribution systems, too. Pneumatic applications, e.g. for supply to transmission units, controls, holding and unloading units are gaining increasing levels of flexibility. Suitable for 10,000 mating cycles, robust contacts made of metal, optimized flow rate for maximum efficiency, two connection technologies available (Time saving with push pull connection technology) and space saving due to higher contact density are all benefits Han® Pneumatic Module Metal.

Han Modular® “High Mating Cycles” (HMC)

The HMC offers the opportunity to implement different transmission media in one single connector for high mating cycles, this can help the customer reduce down the amount of connections needed

Han Modular® PE Module

Introducing a new module for the pluggable connection of large PE cross-sections (10-35mm˛). The hinged frame of the Han Modular® series already features two integrated PE connections for the 0.5-10mm˛ cross-section range. Cross-sections of 10-35mm˛ can now be realized using the new pluggable PE module.

Han Modular® Switch US4

The US4 enables components such as high-resolution cameras used for quality assurance to be e.g. integrated into the network of a production facility with little effort. The Ethernet Switch US4 is suitable for industrial applications and supports Ethernet (10Mb/s), Fast Ethernet (100Mb/s) and Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mb/s).

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