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DX4 Series
USB 2.0 compatible Micro connectors

The DX4 Series is a set of connecrors compatible with the Micro-USB type USB 2.0 for small devices standardized by the USB Implementers Forum Inc.

The DX4 set of connectors is compact in size, 2.35mm in height and 5mm in depth, compared to a conventional mini-USB connector, which is generally 3.9mm in height and 9.2mm in depth. The series is available in a surface-mount-type package. It has a Type B connector for peripheral device connection with a high strength stainless steel structure for enhanced twisting resistance.

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DX4 Series


  • Compatible with Universal Serial Bus Micro-USB Cables and Connectors Specification, Revision1.01
  • Connector type: USB 2.0 compatible, Micro types
  • Gold plating over Palladium over Nickel is used for mating cycle durability and long product life.
  • Superior rigidity with high-strength stainless steel shell.
  • Available in a variety of versions to suit diverse device configurations.
  • Two-piece shell structure for mid-mount type to prevent contact failure due to flux scattering during reflow.
  • Available in reinforced type, with reinforcement plate set in mating area to prevent damage from plug caused by misaligned mating.

General specifications

  • Number of positions: 5
  • Current rating: Vbus, GND: DC 1.8 Amps, others: DC 0.5 Amps
  • Operating temperature range: -30 Deg. C to +80 Deg. C
  • Contact resistance: 30 milliohms max. (initial)
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: AC 500 Vr.m.s. (1 minute)
  • Rated voltage: AC 30 Vr.m.s
  • Insulation resistance: 1,000 megohms min. (initial)
  • Lifetime: 10,000 mating cycles

See also:
DX4 Series (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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