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JAE Product News

JAE introduces new low profile SMB
right angle receptacle connector

JAE has just expanded its SMB RF connector family by adding a low profile coaxial connector SMBS003D00. This machine made coaxial connector share the same footprint as the industry popular SMB standard, but with lower stacking height which is 4.9mm. It provides 4 leads for through-hole soldering onto PCB.

It can be mated with both JAE SMB straight and right angle plug. It complies with the industry IEC60169-10 standard.

It is designed for panel to cable or board to cable application, achieving high frequency signal transmission and high density packaging inside compact devices. Applicable frequencies from DC up to 3GHz. High performance with a VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) of 1.2 or less.

Typical end applications include but not limited to mobile phone, PHS base stations, wireless LAN access points, wireless communication equipment, high frequency module, wireless power amplifiers, measuring equipment, transmission characteristic measuring devices, RFID (IC tag, automatic identification), broadcasting equipment etc.

JAE SMB right angle receptacle connector


  • Compatible coaxial connectors compatible to Type SMB IEC60169- 10.
  • Compatible to reflow and automatic mounting with absorption tape.
  • Stacking height: 4.9mm.
  • Using high accuracy simulation technology for optimal impedance matching, low reflection and low loss.


  • Mobile phone
  • PHS base stations
  • wireless LAN access points
  • wireless communication equipment
  • high frequency module
  • wireless power amplifiers
  • measuring equipment
  • transmission characteristic measuring devices
  • RFID (IC tag, automatic identification), broadcasting equipment

See also:
SMBS003D00 Low-Profile SMB Coaxial Connector (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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