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JAE Product News


---------- Product Bulletin ----------

JAE has developed the FI-G series, a low profile, high density LCD panel interface connector. This connector can transmit high speed differential signals such as LVDS. AWG #40-#42 coaxial wires are used for transmitting signals, and AWG #32-#36 discrete wires are used for power. The FI-G series has an insertion guide for blind mating, and a pull bar for easy unmating. EMI characteristics are improved by multipoint ground connections.


  • High speed differential transmission (LVDS)
  • 30 and 42 positions
  • Fine coaxial wire and discrete wire
  • 0.5mm pitch
  • Mated height of 2.4mm
  • Durability: 30 cycles
  • Pull bar for easy operation

If you would like more information click on "JAE Product Information" and "JAE Powerpoint Presentation".

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