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JAE Product News

Technology to Inspire Innovation. Since its founding in 1953 as Japan Aviation Electronics, JAE has maintained a focus on technology and innovation and has become one of the world's largest connector manufacturers. In addition to connectors, JAE's diverse products include electronic equipment and optics-related products used in aerospace, computing and industrial machinery. View the complete JAE corporate profile here

Heilind Electronics is JAE's largest distributor and maintains the world's largest inventory of JAE products. Click here to check out our stock.

Archived News

"MM60 Series" Connector Has Been Developed Compatible with 76 pos. DMC (Display Mini Card) Standard For Transmission of Display Signals by Wireless-LAN - a 76-contact DMC (Display Mini Card) standard compatible connector will be added to the already available 52-contact.

JAE Cable-less LED Power Supply ES3 Card Edge Type - The ES3 Series is a card edge connector for power supply of LED lighting devices that enables direct connection of the converter board and the LED mounting board.

JAE introduces Display Mini Card (DMC) for HD signal wireless transmission - In order to support the growing demand of both entertainment and wireless world, JAE has just released its 76-contact Display Mini Card (DMC) connector MM60-76B2-G1. This connector is PCIExpress, USB 2.0 and DisplayPort standard compliance.

FI-RE-HLS-M Series - JAE FI-R series high-speed graphic transmission connectors are widely used, not only for LCD TVs but also for the displays of various devices such as complex copy machines, medical devices, etc.

JAE introduces new low profile SMB right angle receptacle connector - Compact coaxial SMB type connectors with board terminal portions compatible to surface mounting.

Heilind Electronics Presented with JAE's 2009 Distributor of the Year Award - The annual award recognizes the JAE distributor that has most increased sales in North America. This is the third time that Heilind has received this recognition from JAE. Read the entire press release featured in PR Newswire on July 20, 2010. Click here for more information or download the entire press release here.

JAE Offers Smallest size in the industry, microSD™ Memory Card connector from JAE

JAE Introduces PCI Express Mini Card Compatible Connector MM60 Series - JAE MM60, a module socket connector, can be used for connection with PCI Express, USB transmission modules or other communication modules

Solder Termination Contact developed for JN1/JN2 Series Circular Connector - The newly developed solder termination contact can be connected with commercially available soldering irons, enabling termination at any work site.

JAE Receives Emmy® Award for Participation in High-Definition Television (HDTV) Technology Development - JAE announces it has received a Technology & Engineering Emmy® from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS)

JAE Announces JF04 Series FFC Cable Assembly for High Speed Transmission - JAE announces JF04 Series high density flat flex cable that provides space saving solutions and transmits internal high speed serial signals such as LVDS, TMDSTM, HDMITM, PCI Express.

JAE Develops the KX24/25 Series, a Light Weight and Compact Board to Board Connector - JAE introduces the KX24/25 Series, a 0.8mm pitch board to board connector developed to meet the need for lighter, more compact, high density connectors for use in various office appliances, such as PPCs and printers, and measuring devices.

JAE Has Developed the FI-G Series, a Low Profile, High Density LCD Panel Interface Connector - JAE develops board to cable connector compatible to high-speed differential transmission

JAE Announces SF7 (Slim) Series Connectors - JAE has developed a super-slim type of the SF7 series

JAE announces the ST5 Series Connectors - JAE has developed the ST5 series, a combo connector with one-piece type external connector for microSD cards and GSM11.11 standard compatible Plug-in SIM card.

ST4 SERIES CONNECTORS - JAE has developed the ST4 series, a one-piece type external connector for microSD cards. microSD is a trademark of the SD Card Association. See also Product Bulletin

JL04V Series Low Profile Type End Bells - JAE has developed the low profile type end bells for the JL04V series. These are accessories to the existing JL04V series connectors to reduce mounting space. See also Product Bulletin

JAE Announces FI-F Series Connectors - JAE has developed the Fi-F series, a 1.0mm pitch connector supporting LVDS transmissions. See also Product Bulletin

JAE introduces their SF9 series connectors - JAE has developed the SF9 series, a tray type connector compatible with GSM 11.11 standard plus in SIM card. See also Product Bulletin

JAE has developed the FB8 series, an upper contact, one-touch FPC connector for small portable devices. - One main feature of this 0.3mm pitch FB8 series is the rear access rotating actuator mechanism being able to withstand the lifting of the applicable FPC. Applications include mobile phones, DSCs, PDA/HPCs, PCs, navigation and other portable devices.

JAE has developed the FI-R series - A VESA compliant connector series to meet the market demands of home electronic devices that require high speed digital serial transmission, such as LVDS.

JAE announces FI-J Series Connectors - Thin wire coaxial connection, which provides high anti-noise performance, easy wiring, enhanced flexibility and takes up less space, is becoming popular in responding to the current market trends of miniaturization of mobile phones and complicated movements of rotating mobile phone LCDs.

JAE Develops End Launch Type SMA Series Connectors - JAE has developed the End Launch Type SMA Series, compatible with IEC60169-15 standard for SMA type coaxial connectors. This series is suitable for mobile phones, PHS base stations, wireless LAN access points, wireless communication, measuring, and broadcasting equipment, high frequency modules, and power amplifiers for wireless devices.

JAE JC22 Series Connector Product Bulletin - Along with the spread of digital broadcasting, installation of security modules in digital televisions and set-top boxes, etc. is rapidly growing. The JC22 Series connectors developed by JAE are a Card Bus connector compatible with PC Card standard (Type I/ II) suitable for various devices, such as, digital-consumer devices. See also specification table

JAE announces 20GHz Coaxial Connectors Compatible with SMA (IEC60169-15) Standards End Launch SMA - SMA (IEC6069-16) type connectors compatible to high-frequency band up to 20 GHz, when mounted on board. Suitable for mobile phones, PHS, base stations for wireless LAN, etc.

JAE has introduced the FO-EX Series - JAE introduced the FO-EX Series—a fiber optic adapter that separates to allow easy cleaning of the rear fiber. This adapter is available with an internal shutter and fits standard panel dimensions, allowing it to be a simple drop-in replacement for previous adapters. See also press release

JAE introduces PX10/11 Series Connectors - JAE has developed the PX10/11 Series for Express Card, a standard for next generation cards. See product information

SC2 Series Connectors - The SC2 Series connector for MiniDS card with the prevention measure for card from popping out and minimized size has been developed to meet the current market needs. See also product bulletin

SV1 Series Connectors - JAE has recently developed the SV1 Series, a new RS-MMC (Reduced-Size-MultiMediaCard) connector standardized by the MMCA (Multi Media Card Association) to meet the trend for further downsizing and weight-reduction of mobile telephones, DSCs, PDAs, navigation systems and other compact portable devices. See also product bulletin

JAE introduces FO-EX Series Connectors - To better service the fiber optic market, JAE now introduces the FO-EX series of panel-mount adapters. Standard adapters on the market prevent the cleaning of the rear-side fiber without opening the equipment panel. The FO-EX solves this problem with a separable housing structure to provide easy access. See also product bulletin

LC/SC Series Connectors From JAE - Building on their very successful Fiber Optic adapters line, JAE now offers an LC to SC adapter to enable direct connection between the two styles, despite their different ferrule diameters (LC 1.25mm dia, SC 2.5mm dia). See also LC/SC Conversion Adaptor Specification and LC/SC Conversion Adaptor Specification 2

JAE Has Developed The WM2 Series - Serving the next generation of notebook bay units, JAE has developed the WM2 series. The connectors are USB2.0 and SATA transmission compatible and provide superior EMI shielding. See also spec table and additional product information

JAE has developed the FL2 series of FPC connectors - Specifically designed for compact information devices, such as mobile PCs, PDAs, LCDs, and mobile phones, JAE has developed the FL2 series of FPC connectors. These are 0.3mm pitch and RoHS-compliant. See also spec table

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