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Molex Product News

For Immediate Release

Molex Announces Higher-Density SFP+ Interconnect System To Support 10 Gbps

LISLE, Ill. – January 29, 2007 – Molex has announced the development of the SFP+ Interconnect System. This complete solution meets the next generation Small Form Factor (SFF) 8431 specification and reaches 10 Gbps speeds using the same port space as a standard SFP system. It also occupies 30 percent less space than a standard XFP system, offering a higher data density solution than standard SFP and XFP products.

“The Molex SFP+ Interconnect System was specifically designed to address cost, power and size issues,” said Dave Stevenson, product manager, Molex Incorporated. “The high density, compact SFP+ Interconnect System delivers excellent signal integrity as well as superior EMI containment to meet a variety of 10 Gbps application needs.”

The SFP+ Interconnect System was developed to support applications for 8 Gbps Fibre Channel and 10 Gbps Ethernet. It is also well-suited for networking, storage and telecommunications applications. In addition to a 20-circuit host connector, stacked multi-port connectors and active and passive patch cables, the SFP+ Interconnect System offers single and single layer ganged cages that provide customers with options to make the best use of PCB real estate to meet their design needs.

20-Circuit Host Connector

The SFP+ 20-circuit host connector features a high speed contact design that supports 10 Gbps to meet the speed requirements of the new SFF specification. It features an SMT design that is packaged in tape and reel for pick-and-place processing. The connector is also available in 15 or 30΅ gold plating to accommodate performance and cost preferences. Additionally, lubricated contacts are offered for extended life and harsh environment applications and applications that require telecom reliability levels.

Single Layer Cages

The SFP+ single layer ganged cages provide improved EMI shielding to the bezel, featuring an advanced 360° gasket design available in elastomeric or metal spring finger versions, each with multiple EMI ground pin locations. Single port cages utilize the same metal spring finger design as used on the ganged cages. Available in press-fit, solder post and PCI (1°) versions, they offer customers a flexible solution for use with various board thicknesses and assembly processes, and ultimately lower applied cost. The press-fit tails accommodate belly-to-belly applications for both single and ganged cages to ensure the best use of PCB real estate. Optional rear or side mounted light pipe cover assemblies allow for flexibility of PCB signal routing for LEDs.

0.80mm (.031”) pitch Stacked Multi-Port Connectors

A high speed contact wafer design allows the SFP+ stacked multi-port connectors to support speeds up to 10 Gbps. The SFP+ stacked multi-port connectors offer complete integration of the connector within a cage. They measure 25.50mm (1.39”) in height and provide two rows of belly-to-belly vertically stacked SFP+ ports to ensure easy removal of the module from the port. The connectors integrate 2, 4, 8, 10 or 12 SFP+ ports and lightpipes into one assembly for increased port density and reduced assembly labor. These connectors are used with SMT LEDs to provide the user activity feedback and port status.

Customers can also choose from two options for superior EMI shielding, either a shroud with an elastomeric gasket or a metal gasket with EMI fingers. The SFP+ Stacked Multi Port Connector features press-fit termination to the PCB, which eliminates the need for soldering, lowers applied costs and avoids solder-related issues.

SFP+ Patch Cables

The Molex copper SFP+ Patch Cables are available in active and passive designs to provide design flexibility for up to 10 Gbps at up to 22m. The active cables appear to a host system as an optical module to reduce costs. Optional active circuitry requires no special driver circuitry that optical modules would require. I2C interface and on-board EEPROM enables the host to detect/configure for specific performance characteristics to provide LOS and Transmit disable, as well as offer a number of other host management capabilities. A re-designed pull latch allows easy access to delatch the cable from the connector for belly-to-belly use and ensures the highest possible port density. Additionally, the SFP+ Patch Cables offer an EMI girdle for superior EMI performance up to 10 Gbps data transmission. With similar mechanical dimensions to a standard SFP cable, the cables are interchangeable with older SFP designs to give customers the flexibility to gradually increase the capabilities of their existing systems.

The SFP+ Interconnect System is scheduled to launch in Spring 2007 and is currently being sold in custom designs only.

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