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Molex Product News


Molex LPH Hybrid Right-Angle Connectors Bring More Power to Smaller Spaces

LISLE, Ill. – June 7, 2007 – As constant demands for size reduction increase the need for more compact designs in power solutions, engineers are looking for systems that offer more power in a reduced space. As a result, Molex Incorporated has introduced its new LPH™ Low-Profile Hybrid Right-Angle Connector, designed to reduce space and lower costs, compared to traditional power interconnects.

This hybrid system offers a mixed power and signal contact design, intended to accommodate DC power requirements. Additionally, at a height of only 7.50mm (.295”) off the PCB, the Molex LPH connector enhances system airflow, allowing power supplies and systems to run cooler. Isolated upper and lower contacts also allow for the use of power and return signals in the same bay to save board space. This unique connector system is perfect for applications in power supplies, servers, routers, storage, industrial controllers, 1 and 2 Rack Unit (RU) modular enclosures and chassis-based systems applications.

“As higher current levels are needed in the same or smaller mechanical envelopes, engineers are searching for innovative ways to meet the demand for smaller power connectors that satisfy their new system requirements,” said Michael Bean, product manager, Molex Inc. “The LPH hybrid connector was designed as part of the new generation of power interconnects, and is truly a stand-alone product that will help transform the world of power system design.”

With power blades rated up to 30.0A per contact, providing 120.0A per linear inch of PCB real estate, the LPH connector is superior to much higher-profile connector systems. The LPH connector is also designed to mate with either Molex plugs or an industry standard 1.57mm (.062”) thick card edge. This versatile feature provides greater flexibility for mating to the daughtercard.

The Molex LPH connector is available with 4 to 10 power blades and 12 to 40 signal contacts to match individual system requirements and is also offered with self aligning guides and/or PCB peg options. Additionally, the LPH system is rated for current interruption to match true hot-plugging requirements.

Molex LPH Connector System offers a reliable solution for applications requiring higher current where space and airflow are critical. Standard lead-time is six to eight weeks for production quantities.

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