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Molex Product News

Molex DDR DIMM Sockets

Molex's Vertical SMT and Through hole DDR4 DIMM sockets support UDIMMs, RDIMMs and LRDIMM memory applications over a wide range of high-speed data, computing, telecommunication and networking servers with data speed of 3.2 billion transfers per second - twice that of DDR3 - and higher energy savings with lower 1.2V operating voltage (compared with 1.5V for DDR3).

With Molex's DDR4 DIMM sockets, more PCB real estate and cost savings can be achieved. Both series 78726 and 78730 sockets feature reduced connector footprint of 6.50 mm (max.) (W) by 162 mm (L) for maximum space-savings. The soldertails of the (series 78730) SMT socket are flush with the edges of the connector for minimized bending damages due either to human or machine error.

Other hallmarks of Molex's DDR4 sockets include: high dimensional stability and excellent compatibility in Halogen-free and lead-free technologies. The use of moisture-resistant, high-temperature housing material - regardless of termination styles - minimizes blistering on the connector during high, IR-reflow processing temperatures. Reduced yield losses with the use of Molex DDR4 sockets add to greater customer cost savings and delivery speed.

Ergonomically designed socket latches enhance usability with robust protection against high rip-out force and vibration-resistance. Dual-side lead-ins on the socket facilitate smooth module insertion while stand-offs at the base of the socket makes solder-joint inspection, measurement and rework easy.

Molex offers 0.76 and 0.38 micron Gold (Au)-plated DDR4 DIMM sockets in a combination of several housing and latch colors, PC tail lengths and PCB thicknesses.

Part Number View Inventory
787261002 0.85MM DDR4 DIMM Vt T/H 0.76AuLF 288CKT
787301002 0.85MM DDR4 DIMM Vt SMT 0.76AuLF 288CKT

Features and benefits include:

  • Reduced connector footprint of 6.50 mm (max.) (W) by 162 mm (L) that provides PCB space and cost savings.
  • Robust and more ergonomic latch design that improves rip-out force and vibration resistance; makes socket easy to use.
  • Profiled contact terminals that eliminate stress caused to housing during terminal insertion and prevents housing warpage.
  • Use of less moisture-sensitive, high-temperature housing material that gives added dimensional stability to connector with reduced yield loss and increased cost-savings. Able to withstand infrared (IR), lead-free and wave soldering temperatures.
  • High connector durability that supports up to 25 mating cycles.


  • Data/Computing - High-end computing and personal computers
  • Telecommunications/Networking - Infrastructure and networking

See also:
Molex DDR4 DIMM Sockets(.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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