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Molex Product News

GbX I-Trac™ Backplane Connector System

Achieve superior impedance control and 12.5 Gbps data rates in high-bandwidth applications with GbX I-Trac™ Backplane Connector System - offered in traditional and orthogonal configurations for design flexibility.

The GbX I-Trac™ Backplane Connector System features a broadside-coupled, skew-equalized design scalable to data rates up to 12.5+ Gbps. With its unique open pinfield design, the GbX I-Trac™ System gives customers the flexibility to assign high-speed differential pairs, low-speed signals, power and ground contacts anywhere within the pin field.

The versatile design allows the headers to be rotated 90 degrees on opposite sides of the midplane, creating an orthogonal architecture, eliminating the need for PCB traces by using shared vias through the midplane. The same header and daughtercard part numbers are used for both standard and orthogonal configurations. The GbX I-Trac™ Backplane Connector System offers PCB designers flexibility to quad route the signal traces (two pairs per layer) reducing the PCB layer count. Integrated guidance options and stand-alone guidance options ensure superior mating performance and design. Power modules are capable of supporting greater than 250.0A of current per linear inch.

Components of the system include backplane signal header modules, daughtercard signal modules and right angle male signal modules (coplanar), 7-, 11- and 15-row versions with press-fit module sizes ranging from 56 to 300 circuits.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced NXT daughtercard enables scalable data rates up to 12.5 Gbps with backward compatibility to standard GbX I-Trac™ headers
  • Superior impedance control, low cross talk and improved insertion loss performance
  • High-density, high-bandwidth connection with pin-by-assignment flexibility
  • Design flexibility. Connector and PCB cost savings
  • Reduces PCB layers required to route high-speed signals, reducing PCB cost
  • Superior mating performance
  • Greater reliability with two points of contact to the header pin

Applications include:

  • Data Networking Equipment
    - Servers
    - Storage systems

  • Telecommunication Equipment
    - Hubs, switches, routers
    - Central office, cellular infrastructure and multi-platform service (DSL, cable data)

  • Medical Equipment

  • Military/Aerospace Equipment

See also:
GbX I-Trac™ Backplane Connector System (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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