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Molex Product News

Molex Impel™ Backplane Connector and
Cable Assembly System

The Impel™ system of backplane connectors and customized cable assemblies from Molex offers OEMs the option for equipment to operate at today’s data rates and costs. The Impel System offers an industry-leading signal integrity and density while providing a scalable price and performance path for future data-rate enhancements.

Leading the datacom computing marketing with high-data-rate and density solutions, the Impel™ Backplane Interconnect System provides a scalable price-for-performance solution enabling customers to secure a high-speed 25 and 40 Gbps footprint.

The Impel™ Backplane Interconnect System provides the footprint and interface that will enable customers to migrate to faster data rates (40 Gbps), without completely redesigning their architecture or replacing hardware already placed in the data-center, while meeting the mechanical density requirements being driven by the industry.

Part Number View Inventory
171335-1807 Impel 3Px8C BP Assy UnGd Open 4.90 0.36
171395-1807 Impel 6Px8C BP ASSY UNGD OPEN 4.90-0.36
171400-1038 Impel 6Px8C DC Assy Unguided
171990-1038 Impel 3Px8C 1.9mm DC Assy

Features and benefits include:

  • Designed for a direct connection of PCBs in an orthogonal orientation that improves airflow and reduces board-space constraints compared to backplane and midplane connector systems. Simplifies component management for contract manufacturers and designers.
  • Shorter line cards and switch-module signal paths versus typical routed backplane connections that allows for overall robust signal channels.
  • Two compliant-pin attach options and 18 to 72 differential pairs per orthogonal node that provide customers ultimate flexibility to optimize their designs for superior mechanical and electrical performance.
  • Molex patent-pending Impel™ connector technology with tightly coupled differential-pair structure that provides optimal signal integrity and mechanical isolation through the connector system.
  • Compact, compliant-pin backplane and daughtercard connectors with data rates scalable from 25 to 40 Gbps that enables backward and forward compatibility with various high-end system architectures.

Markets and Applications

  • Aerospace and Defense - aircraft avionics and ground vehicles
  • Data/Communications - storage
  • Networking - servers
  • Telecommunications - hubs, routers and switches

See also:
Impel Backplane Connector and Cable Assembly System (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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