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Molex Product News


MX150™ Unsealed Connector System 3.50mm Pitch

Built around the field-proven MX150™ terminal system with a design-to-cost approach, the MX150™ Unsealed Connector System achieves space-savings over traditional USCAR 1.50mm interfaces, providing optimum performance for midpower harness applications.

The MX150™ unsealed connector system for direct connect or in-line midpower applications provides reduced package size compared to conventional 1.50mm connection systems.

Molex's design-to-cost approach provides a high-performance connector at a competitive cost via an integrated TPA lock on the hinge, minimal mold costs and low production cycle times.

This connection system utilizes the existing and proven MX150™ terminal and offers compatibility with Yazaki YESC terminals.

Features and benefits include:

  • Designed with legacy MX150™ 1.50mm low-insertion-force terminal system that provides high-performance connection for midpower (14 to 22 AWG wire) applications
  • Reduces package sizes versus USCAR 1.50mm counterparts; receptacles 52% smaller; male in-line connectors 28% smaller. Thus achieving overall 37% space savings over traditional USCAR 1.50mm connectors
  • Integral locking latch that confirms positive mating of connector and proper latching
  • Integrated Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) lock molded into receptacle housing, which assures crimped terminal leads are properly locked into connector; TPA will not seat into final locked position and connector system will not latch if terminal is not locked.
  • Enlarged push surface with ergonomic design, which offers convenient mating and unmating
  • Two circuit version with custom clip-slots available, which provides design flexibility
  • Four polarization options: black, natural, grey and dark grey, facilitating quick visual installation
  • Utilizes existing MX150™ sealed connector field-service tools, eliminating additional tooling charges

Applications include:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Consumer

Part Number View Inventory
33000 Male Blade Terminals
33012 Receptacle Terminals
34796 Single-row, 2- & 4-Circuit receptacles
34797 Single-row, 2- & 4-Circuit Male in-line connectors

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