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Molex Product News

Micro-Lock™ 1.25mm Pitch SMT Wire-to-Board System, Single and Dual Rows, Positive Lock

Molex's Micro-Lock 1.25mm pitch system offers the smallest overall size and highest current-carrying capability of any similar pitch positive-lock system, while also providing a wide range of mating configurations and superior pin and terminal protection making it ideal for tight-packaging applications across all industries.

Available in single and dual rows in both straight and right-angle configurations, the system is ideal for any application that requires space savings and mating variation.

The Micro-Lock 1.25mm pitch system offers many of the same features as Molex's Micro-Lock 2.00mm pitch system. These include an outer thumb-latch design with two locking points for ease-of-use and secure contact, and a mating design that protects the pins and terminals while providing low insertion force. Key differences between the two systems are size and current rating. The Micro-Lock 1.25 system is about 75% smaller, and is rated at 1.5A versus 3.0A for Micro-Lock 2.0.

The Micro-Lock 1.25mm family is available in 2-16 circuits for single row, and 16-40 circuits for dual row. The system offers low-halogen material not only for connectors, but also in the wire-harness material used. The system comes standard in natural color material, with custom versions available in different colors to support certain mating and application requirements.

Part Number View Inventory
5041851000 1.25W/B REC CRIMP TERM
5041861600 1.25 W/B DUAL REC HSG 16P
5041862400 1.25 W/B DUAL REC HSG 24P
5041863200 1.25 W/B DUAL REC HSG 32P
5041864000 1.25 W/B DUAL REC HSG 40P
5041871670 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 16CKT DUAL ROW
5041872470 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 24CKT DUAL ROW
5041873270 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 32CKT DUAL ROW
5041874070 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 40CKT DUAL ROW
5041891670 1.25 W/B RA HDR 16CKT DUAL ROW
5041892470 1.25 W/B RA HDR 16CKT DUAL ROW
5041893270 1.25 W/B RA HDR 16CKT DUAL ROW
5041894070 1.25 W/B RA HDR 16CKT DUAL ROW
5041930200 1.25 W/B SINGLE REC HSG 02P
5041930300 1.25 W/B SINGLE REC HSG 03P
5041930400 1.25 W/B SINGLE REC HSG 04P
5041930500 1.25 W/B SINGLE REC HSG 05P
5041930600 1.25 W/B SINGLE REC HSG 06P
5041940270 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 2CKT SINGLE ROW
5041940370 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 3CKT SINGLE ROW
5041940470 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 4CKT SINGLE ROW
5041940570 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 5CKT SINGLE ROW
5041940670 1.25 W/B VERT HDR 6CKT SINGLE ROW
5041950270 1.25 W/B RA HDR 2CKT SINGLE ROW
5041950370 1.25 W/B RA HDR 2CKT SINGLE ROW
5041950470 1.25 W/B RA HDR 2CKT SINGLE ROW
5041950570 1.25 W/B RA HDR 2CKT SINGLE ROW
5041950670 1.25 W/B RA HDR 2CKT SINGLE ROW

Features and benefits include:

  • Damage-proof pin protection feature that prevents header pins from being bent or crushed, even during angled mating.
  • Compact size and low profile that provides space savings.
  • Low-insertion force with tin plating for easy mating/unmating and that provides a more cost-effective design over gold plating.
  • Wide mating latch with two-point positive lock that provides secure-mating retention, additional mechanical stability and good “click” feeling
  • Low-halogen housing and wire harness material that meets environmental standards.


  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Data/Communications

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Molex Micro-Lock 1.25mm pitch system (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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