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Molex Product News

Micro-SIM Card Sockets

Push-pull style micro-SIM card sockets from Molex combine best-in-class features, including the lowest (1.18mm) profile height with unique card-detect-and-activation mechanism. Other push-pull socket variants include a miniature footprint with high, normal force delivering robust terminal-to-card connectivity and high electrical reliability, proprietary socket-damage-prevention designs, anti-short capabilities, detect switch and wide finger areas for easy card insertion and removal.

Designed for tight- spaced, top-loading style applications as well as mid-board layouts that preclude the use of front- or side-entry style sockets, hinged style sockets are highly compact and allow partial tilt or full opening of lid to allow for unobstructed placement or removal of SIM cards.

A range of push-push sockets are available for applications requiring card ejection from the side of a portable mobile device. Molex offers two styles, both with superior contact force: a 1.42mm six-circuit and a 1.60mm eight-circuit solution.

Features and benefits:

  • Compact card sockets with small footprint and low-profile height
  • Optimum PCB real estate and vertical space savings
  • Terminal-beam design with gradual lead-in
  • Prevents contact stubbing while providing electrical reliability and smooth card insertion/withdrawal
  • Anti-shorting feature
  • Eliminates any risk of shorting between metal shield and contact pads on micro-SIM cards
  • Card polarization features
  • Prevent micro-SIM card from being inserted wrongly
  • Multiple soldering points
  • Provides robust PCB hold-down for both 6- and 8-circuit sockets

See also:
Micro-SIM card sockets (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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