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Molex Product News

Molex SlimStack Armor™ Connectors

SlimStack Armor™ imageMolex introduces SlimStack™ fine-pitch connectors that are ideal for tight-packaging applications, such as mobile phones. They come in a wide selection of low-profile, narrow width options in various stack heights and circuit sizes for space savings and design flexibility.

Slimstack Armor™ 0.35 mm pitch connectors deliver up to 3A of extra power through protective metal cover and provide superior mating guidance and electrical contact assurance for mobile device and other tight-packaging applications.

Features and benefits include:

  • Delivers up to 3A of power, which meets the growing power needs of mobile applications.
  • Narrow pitch and width, ultra-low profile and short length design offers maximum space savings.
  • Armor metal covers on housing corners (3A version) prevent damage to the housing even when misaligned during mating.
  • Dual-contact design for both power and signal contacts assures contact reliability and withstands shock and vibration.
  • Wide guiding area on housing wall ends provides mating alignment for more efficient operation assembly while avoiding housing damage.
  • Audible click during mating provides operators with maximum assurance.


  • Mobile Phone
    • Smart Phones
    • Tablet PCs
  • Consumer
    • Portable Audio
    • Portable Navigation Equipment
  • Medical
    • Portable Patient Monitoring
    • Therapeutic & Surgical

Part Number View Inventory
505066-0620 0.35 B/B RCPT ASSY 06CKT EMBSTP
505066-1220 0.35 B/B RCPT ASSY 12CKT EMBSTP
505066-1620 0.35 B/B RCPT ASSY 16CKT EMBSTP
505066-3020 0.35 B/B RCPT ASSY 30CKT EMBSTP
505066-4020 0.35 B/B RCPT ASSY 40CKT EMBSTP
5050660610 0.35 B/B Rec Assy 6Ckt EmbsTp PKG
5050661210 0.35 B/B Rec Assy 12Ckt EmbsTp PKG
5050661610 0.35 B/B Rec Assy 16Ckt EmbsTp PKG
5050663010 0.35 B/B Rec Assy 30Ckt EmbsTp PKG
5050664010 0.35 B/B Rec Assy 40Ckt EmbsTp PKG
505070-0620 0.35 B/B PLUG ASSY 06CKT EMBSTP
505070-1220 0.35 B/B PLUG ASSY 12CKT EMBSTP
505070-1620 0.35 B/B PLUG ASSY 16CKT EMBSTP
505070-3020 0.35 B/B PLUG ASSY 30CKT EMBSTP
505070-4020 0.35 B/B PLUG ASSY 40CKT EMBSTP
5050700610 0.35 B/B Plug Assy 6Ckt EmbsTp PKG
5050701210 0.35 B/B Plug Assy 12Ckt EmbsTp PKG
5050701610 0.35 B/B Plug Assy 16Ckt EmbsTp PKG
5050703010 0.35 B/B Plug Assy 30Ckt EmbsTp PKG
5050704010 0.35 B/B Plug Assy 40Ckt EmbsTp PKG

See also: Molex SlimStack Armor (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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