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Molex Product News

Molex SlimStack™ SSB6 SMT Microminiature Board-to-Board Connectors

Molex Unveils new SlimStack™ SSB6 SMT Microminiature Board-to-Board Connectors, which are compact in size and ideal for tight-packaging applications.

The super slim SSB6 board-to-board connectors offer maximum space savings, mating guidance, and secure electrical and mechanical contact for all types of mobile devices. The 0.35 mm pitch SlimStack SSB6 connectors include a wide mating-alignment housing lead-in area that helps operators easily guide connectors properly together. The dual-contact design on the SlimStack SSB6 connectors provides secure electrical and mechanical reliability even when subjected to dropping or repeated mating/unmating, along with a strong tactile click feeling for added mating assurance.

Part Number View Inventory
504618 SSB6 Receptacle
504622 SSB6 Plug

Features and benefits include:

  • Ultra low profile, short length and narrow width that offers maximum space savings.
  • Dual contact design that provides secure electrical and mechanical reliability even after repeat cycling.
  • Wide alignment area housing lead-in, which facilitates mating for more efficient operator assembly.
  • Housing canopy cover that provides an anti-zippering barrier that prevents contact pullout from angled unmating.
  • Contact design with audible and tactile mating features, which provides operators with maximum mating assurance.


  • Consumer - portable navigation device
  • Medical - patient monitor, surgical equipment and devices and telehealth (remote patient monitoring systems)
  • Smartphones and movile devices - portable audio devices, smartphones and tablet PCs

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Molex SlimStack™ SSB6 SMT Microminiature Board-to-Board Connectors (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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