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Molex Product News

Brad® Safety MPIS Distribution Boxes

Molex's Brad® Passive-Signal and Safety MPIS Boxes achieve quick, easy and reliable connections of high-density industrial signal IOs and simplify wiring in harsh factory-automation environments. The rugged, IP-67 rated MPIS boxes are dedicated to the management of safety devices installed around the machine and can meet the requirements of the most challenging installation environments. Molex Brad Safety MPIS Distribution Boxes

The Molex's MPIS boxes save space by offering the possibilities to connect 2 sensors per port, 4-port M12 dual-wired box can connect 8 sensors and can streamline wiring, simplify maintenance and reduce plant downtime. The high voltage rating of 120V DC for no-LED MPIS is suitable for higher voltage applications.


Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-wired Safety MPIS Distribution Box concentrates multiple IO signals into one home-run cable.
  • Color options available for the MPIS, tees and cord sets.
  • Customization options for I/O port of the MPIS modules enhance operational and application flexibility to dedicated customer requirements and regional safety standards.
  • Combination of safety inputs (4 ports, 8 pins) with standard signal inputs (4 ports, 4 and 5 pins) in one 8-port MPIS permits installation of standard I/O wiring systems in limited space.
  • Scalable safety solutions range from simplified serializing to improved safety management.
  • Seal rated IP67 designed for harsh industrial applications both indoors and outdoors.

Applications:Molex Brad Safety MPIS Distribution Boxes

  • Food and Beverage
    • Machine Manufacturers
  • Machining Centers
    • Grinding and Milling
  • Conveying and Sorting
    • Baggage Handling
    • Postal Sorting
    • Packaging Applications
  • Safety Device Manufacturing
    • Safe Switches
    • Light Curtains
    • Drives and Motors
    • Locking Systems

Part Number View Inventory
120065-2378 CSE M12 4P AC MA STR PUR 1M SE UNSH BK
120065-2383 CSE M12 8P AC MA STR PUR 1M SE UNSH BK
120066-5456 CSE M12 4P AC MA STR PUR FE STR 1M DE
120066-5461 CSE M12 8P AC MA STR PUR FE STR 1M DE UN
120068-8218 SPL TS M12 4P AC MA/FE STR
120068-8219 SPL YS M12 4P AC MA/FE
120076-8034 PLUG M12 4P AC MA STR SE BRASS AU
120076-8035 PLUG M12 8P AC MA STR SE BRASS AU
120248-0500 MPIS M12 SAFETY PNP 4P 4PT AC FE 8P 4PT
120248-0520 MPIS M12 SAFETY NOS 5P 4PT AC FE 4P MA A

See also:
Brad® Safety MPIS Distribution Boxes(.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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