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Molex Product News

DuraClik™ Connector System

Molex's expanded line of DuraClik connectors provides space savings and superior performance features compared to competitive versions for high-vibration applications

DuraClik connectors are a 2.00mm pitch, unsealed, wire-to-board connection system for right-angled and vertical PCB mounting options. For signal current of 3.0A this system is designed to provide space savings and superior performance for high-vibration and high temperature applications in the automotive and lighting industry. The enhanced versions of DuraClik are a secondary locking feature with an Independent Secondary locking (ISL) or a Terminal Positioning Assurance (TPA) to meet changing market requirements of our customers.

Part Number View Inventory
5023511500 2.0 W/B Rec Hsg 15Ckt
5023520800 2.0 W/B Conn 8Ckt EmbsTp Pkg
5023521500 2.0 W/B Conn 15Ckt EmbsTp Pkg
5051511500 2.0W/B REC HSG 15ckt
5051521500 2.0W/B RETAINER 15ckt
5600201520 2.0 W/B SMT ST EMBOSSED TP PKG

Features and Benefits:

  • Inner positive-lock design - Provides secure mating and space savings; prevents latch breakage from wire tangling
  • "Click" sound when mated - Audible mating confirmation
  • Wide solder tabs designed and tested to SAE Automotive vibration standards - Provides secure PCB retention that can withstand upward pull force of 100N (10kgf) to meet automotive vibration requirements
  • Independent Secondary Lock (ISL) terminal retainer - Provides up to 50N of terminal retention force and helps helps position terminals while meeting stringent automotive requirements
  • Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) terminal retainer - Provides up to 30N of terminal retention force, and secures terminal positioning
  • Enclosed contact design - Protects contact against dust and debris; avoids tangling during harness assembly
  • Operating temperatures up to 125 degrees C (ISL and TPA versions) - Meet high-level automotive passenger compartment requirements
  • Open area for direct pick-and-place assembly - Supports automated board placement without the need for Kapton tape
  • Gold-plated terminal option - Higher durability for repeat mating cycling
  • Inertia lock (TPA version) - Requires higher insertion force during earlier part of mating in order to help confirm a secure connection


  • Automotive - Air-Conditioning, Exterior lighting, Inverter, Shift lever, Steering, Wiper/blinker lever
  • Commercial Vehicle - Cranes, Trucks
  • Industrial Automation - Factory automation

See also:
DuraClik™ Connector System (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.


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