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Molex Product News

FPC Connector, 0.30mm Pitch, Bottom Contact, 0.95mm Height, Easy-On™ Front-Flip Actuator, 2.85mm Depth

Molex's 0.30mm pitch narrow-depth FPC connector provides an optimal combination of space savings, contact retention assurance and ease-of-use for tight-packaging applications.

The 503566 FPC connector offers the narrowest depth (2.85mm)Metric Ring Terminals of any Molex 0.30mm pitch version. The connector was designed for tight-packaging mobile applications such as smart phones or digital still cameras to allow manufacturers to reduce size while adding increased functionality. The 503566 series connector incorporates some of the proven features of other Molex FPC connectors such as a robust Easy-On™ actuator for stable mating functionality and reliable contact retention. The new series also includes other new or improved design features such as: housing design that highlights the FPC ear tabs more to help assure proper cable seating; wider gap for easier cable insertion; and a longer area to hold onto the actuator to make assembly easier and quicker for operators.

Movable contacts provide both lower cable insertion force as well as more secure contact retention force. This is achieved by odd-numbered contacts moving with the cable in case it is pulled up or down to assure electrical contact is still maintained. While certain competitive versions may have a narrower depth or lower profile, the Molex 503566 version offers one of the best combinations of compact size, contact retention assurance and ease of use.

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503566 Zif Type FPC Connector, 0.30mm Pitch, Bottom Contact, 0.95mm Height, Easy-On™ Front-Flip Actuator, 2.85mm Depth

Features and Benefits:

  • 2.85mm depth - Space savings to allow for other components or tracing
  • Movable contacts - Provide lower insertion force and higher contact retention force
  • FPC ear tabs - Facilitate cable insertion for proper alignment and assured electrical reliability
  • Longer area to access actuator - Easier locking for faster assembly
  • Housing design and color that highlights cable ear tabs - Better visibility to ensure proper cable alignment
  • 9-45 circuits - Lowest circuit size options amongst competitors, and wide range for design flexibility


  • Smart Phone/Mobile Phone
  • Tablet PC
  • Portable Audio
  • Digital Still Camera/Video Camera
  • Portable Nav/FPC SMT Connigation Equipment
  • Portable game
  • Notebook PC

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