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Molex Product News

FPC Connector, 0.25mm Pitch, SMT, Top-Contact, 1.20mm Height, Front-Flip Easy-On™ Actuator

The 0.25mm pitch, SMT, top-contact, 1.20 height, front-flip actuator FPC connector is the latest edition to Molex's range of 0.25mm pitch FPC solutions for applications such as mobile phones and digital cameras.

The top-contact FPC connector was designed to provide customers more design flexibility. Its unique spring-terminal design provides contact force on the actuator to keep it in place and on the cable for secure electrical contact - even when subjected to shock or vibration. And the front-flip Easy-On™ actuator design protects the actuator from damage or breaking by operator handling.

With a depth of 3.20mm, the FPC connector provides PCB space savings compared to competitive designs. Available in up to 53 circuits, it also offers the highest upward circuit size range of any competitive version. In addition, the footprint pattern and FPC pitch tolerances are the same as Molex's other 0.25mm pitch versions, which offers customers a choice of connector styles without needing to change the PCB layout.

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503300 FPC Connector, 0.25mm Pitch, Top-Contact, 1.20mm Height, Front-Flip Easy-On™ Actuator

Features and benefits include:

  • Spring-terminal design
  • Secure electrical contact even when subjected to shock or vibration
  • Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) contact design
  • Smooth and easy cable insertion and extraction
  • Same FPC tolerances and footprint pattern as other Molex 0.25mm FPC connectors
  • Can choose from various 0.25mm series without needing to change board design
  • Compact overall dimensions
  • Space savings
  • Strong mechanical actuator design
  • Protects against actuator breaking off during operator usage
  • PCB solder tabs
  • Provide secure PCB retention

Markets and applications include:

  • Smartphone/mobile phone
  • Tablet PC
  • Car audio
  • Digital camera
  • Digital video camera
  • Navigation equipment
  • Portable game

See also:

0.25mm Pitch, Top-Contact, 1.20mm Height (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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