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Molex Product News

Impact™ Backplane Connector System

Molex’s Impact™ Backplane Connector System provides data rates up to and beyond 25 Gbps along with superior signal density up to 30 pairs per cm (80 differential pairs per inch). The broad-edge-coupled transmission technology enables low cross talk and high signal bandwidth while minimizing channel-performance variation across every differential pair within the system.

Impact™ XTR provides a scalable solution for enhanced electrical performance while maintaining backwards compatibility. Shielding technology is added to the daughtercard side only that will mate with existing backplane headers in the field.

Impact™ 85 Ohm Plus leverages the 100 Ohm technology, density and footprint that offers an electrically enhance solution with the addition of a plus clip which improves common mode erformance.

Impact™ Orthogonal Direct eliminates the midplane, enabling customers to reduce cost, improve electrical performance and remove thermal barriers.

Impact™ Orthogonal Midplane reduces channel lengths and midplace complexity and costs. Daughtercards can be vertically mated on one side of the midplane and horizontally on the other.

Impact™ Power is offered in 3- through 6-pair sizes in conventional, coplanar and mezzanine configurations, with current ratings from 60.0 to 120.0A per module.

Designed for traditional backplane and/or midplane architectures, the Impact™ Backplane Connector System meets the growing demand for next-generation high-speed applications.

Features and benefits include:

Data rates scalable up to and beyond 25 Gbps Support future system performance upgrades (standard Impact connectors achieve up to 25 Gbps; XTR Impact 100 Ohm connectors achieve beyond 25 Gbps)
Broad-edge-coupled, differential-pair design Superior density, low cross-talk, low insertion loss and minimal performance variation across all high-speed channels
Shield-to-wafer construction on XTR daughtercards Lowers cross-talk, adds signal integrity margin and is optimal for ungrouped Tx and Rx applications
Supports quad routing for a reduced PCB layer count
Density up to 30 differential pairs per cm (80 differential pairs per linear inch) Supports high bandwidth needs while minimizing board and system real-estate usage
Inline staggered mating interface Reduced mating force by 40% over competing products in the market while providing two points of contact for long-term reliability
Simple 1.90 by 1.35mm grid Provides PCB routing flexibility and reduces cost
Two compliant-pin options (0.39 and 0.46mm) Provides customers ultimate flexibility to optimize designs for superior mechanical and electrical performance
IEEE 10GBASE-KR and Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Stat Eye Compliant channel performance Demonstrates end-to-end channel performance compliance
Versatile configuration options available including conventional, coplanar, mezzanine, orthogonal, and orthogonal direct Enables customers to leverage the same broad-edge coupled technology across many system architectures
Orthogonal Direct configuration available offering a two piece midplane solution in either a 90 degree or 270 degree rotation Improves airflow, removes via in channel, reduced total number of components and system flexibility

Applications include:


  • Servers
  • Storage


  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Healthcare IT


  • Cellular infrastructure
  • Hubs
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Telecommunications hardware

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