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Molex Product News

LGA 2011-0 Server CPU Socket

Approved by Intel and supporting its top-of-the-line Core i7 series processors, the compact LGA 2011-0 CPU socket meets the reliability requirements for target processor performance levels of servers, workstations and high-end PCs

Augmenting Molex's CPU socket solutions and replacing the LGA 1366, the Intel-approved LGA 2011-0 socket (Socket R) offers the electrical, mechanical and thermal reliability enterprise servers, workstations and high-end PCs need to reach target performance levels of Intel's Core* i7 series of 32nm-Sandy Bridge-E microprocessors.

Molex's LGA 2011-0 socket features a fully loaded Interstitial Seating Plane (ISP) design for improved contact reliability by preventing circuit opens and shorts caused by contact deformation during a package overload. The socket uses high strength, copper alloy contacts for robust performance. Socket terminals are oriented at angles that reduce the risk of cross-contact during processor overloads ('over compression').

The LGA 2011-0 socket assembly uses a larger backplate than the LGA 1366 or LGA1156 sockets and is not backward compatible for use with any other processors and their ILM assemblies. The socket is used with two ILM designs – a Standard (Square) and a Narrow ILM assembly. The Standard ILM has a larger (80 by 80 mm) keep-out zone than that (56 by 94 mm) of the Narrow ILM. The assemblies contain the same set of components and are assembled in the same way, however the position of their threaded heatsink mounting studs and the design of their ILM levers are noticeably different.

Molex offers 15 or 30 micron gold (Au)-plated contact sockets that come with pick-and-place covers for easy placement in automated board assembly. All sockets are shipped in JEDEC-type hard trays.

Part Number View Inventory
105142-0132 1.016mm (.040") Pitch LGA Socket, 0.38m (15") Gold (Au) Plating, 2011 Circuits, Lead-free
105142-7000 LGA 2011-0 Back Plate Assembly
105142-8100 LGA 2011-0 Standard ILM Assembly with ILM Cover
105142-9100 LGA 2011-0 Narrow ILM Assembly with ILM Cover

Features and Benefits:

  • Satisfies requirements of “Intel Core i7 Processor Family for the LGA2011-0 Socket Thermal / Mechanical Specification and Design Guide” - Supports 130W TDP and target performance requirements of Intel’s Core i7-3930K, Core i7-3820 and Core i7-3960K Extreme Edition processors
  • Fully loaded Interstitial Seating Plane (ISP) socket design - Prevents contact shorting or opens cause by processor overload
  • Square or Narrow Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) assembly options - Suit different PCB designs with varying ILM outline dimensions
  • Dual actuation-levers [U-shaped hinge lever and V-shaped (CPU) load lever with load cam] - Ensure planarity of seated processor for reliable electrical contact
  • Triangle-pin-1 identification on housing, load plate, alignment walls and orientation posts - For true positioning and snug fit of CPU on socket before loading


  • Data Applications – Servers, Workstations
  • Other Markets – High-end PCs

See also:
LGA 2011-0 Server CPU Socket (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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