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Molex Product News

LTE* SMT Cellular Antennas

Molex is introducing a new product to expand their cellular antenna product line. The full LTE* SMT antennas enable higher speed wireless deployments in advancing 4G technology. The new series includes a compact LTE SMT cellular antenna, a multi-band cellular/Wi-Fi Combo Flex antenna with balanced transmission, and a cellular 6-band antenna.Molex Cellular Antennas

The grounding pad provides electrical grounding of the antennas onto the application PCB while the fixing pads firmly anchor the antenna housing onto the SMT pad of the PCB. The ceramic antenna housing ensures resistance against detuning effects of environmental interference. Measuring 40.00 by 5.00 by 5.00, this compact SMT antenna requires only a small clearance area of 5.00mm by 5.00mm around the footprint perimeter of the antenna.


Features & Benefits:

  • Grounding pad provides electrical grounding of antenna onto the application PCB.
  • Ceramic antenna housing provides high thermal conduction & resistance against detuning effects of environmental interference.
  • Multiple fixing pads firmly anchor housing onto SMT pad of PCB.
  • Antenna radiator yields consistent RF performance including high peak gain and total radiation efficiencies.
  • RoHS Compliant/Halogen Free/SMT compatible.


  • Data/Telecommunications/Networking
    • Infrastructure
    • Networking Equipment
  • Industrial
    • Smart Grid Concentrators
    • Smart Meters
    • Home Energy Displays
    • Remote Sensors
    • Alarm and Monitoring Equipment
    • Vending Machine
    • Payment Devices
  • Smart Phone and Mobile Devices
    • Mobile Phones and Tablet PCs
  • Consumer
    • Mobile Gaming Devices
    • Personal Navigation Devices
    • Wireless Internet TV and Audio Devices
  • Automotive
    • Asset Tracking Devices
    • Infotainment

Part Number View Inventory
146200-0001 Molex Full LTE Antenna

See also:
LTE* SMT Cellular Antennas (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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