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Molex Product News

Manual Wire Stripper

Molex Manual Wire Stripper The Manual Wire Stripper by Molex is a self-adjusting tool that provides the widest stripping capacity of any tool of its type in the industry. This cutting and stripping tool has easily interchangeable multiple stripping cassettes that enable precision stripping of a wide range of insulations from PVC to PTFE with just one tool. While the tool is self-adjusting, 90% of wires can be stripped without adjusting the tool. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, this tool is qualified for high volume production and portable field usage.

Hand and Manual Equipment Overview

Hand tools are designed for use with prototyping, field repair and limited production volume. Limited production volume is defined as less than 100 terminations per day.

Molex manual tools are available in a variety of power levels that include a manually cycled ratchet hand tool, a battery powered or pneumatic powered tool cycled by the press of a button, or a hydraulic tool cycled by the press of a footswitch. Manually operated equipment is the most popular and the most cost effective alternative. Insertion and extraction crimp tools are used after the terminal product has been crimped.

ServiceGrade™ crimp hand tools are low-cost ratcheting hand tools used in field repair for a limited number of terminations. A terminal locator is not always included or required and in some cases, the locator may need to be removed to operate properly. Locators and springs are not available as replacement parts.

PremiumGrade™ crimp hand tools maintain their quality over time and meet the crimping specification over the life of the tool. PremiumGrade tools are designed with high precision as well as locators to ensure the terminal is located properly prior to crimping. Locators and springs are usually available as replacement parts.

Air Tools are pneumatically operated to allow the tool to close under air power and not under the hand force of an operator. These systems allow for less operator fatigue and help provide a more consistent termination and output over time.

Battery Powered Tools are designed to crimp terminals with interchangeable modular crimp heads or power crimp heads along with tool kits, reducing the overall cost and providing production flexibility to end users. These systems allow for less operator fatigue and help provide a more consistent termination and output over time.

Hydraulic Tools are high-quality production tools that are combination air and hydraulic crimping systems, generally designed to crimp a wide range of products from 8 AWG to much larger wire sizes.

Manual Arbor Press Tool Kits and Nests are available for a variety of Molex discrete wire and IDT applications.


Features and Benefits:

  • Three easily interchangeable stripping cassettes - Enables the use of one tool for a wide range of PVC insulated wires and with Teflon insulated wires
  • Provides the widest stripping capacity of any tool of its type in the industry - Reduces overall tooling investments and provide production flexibility
  • Designed with fine adjustability - Ensures that thin insulations can be stripped without damage to conductors
  • Replacement stripping cassettes and cutting blades are available - Extends the life of the tool and reduces tool replacement investments
Part Number View Inventory
63817-0071 "V" BLADE STRIPPING

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