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Molex Product News

Mega-Fit® Power Connectors 5.70mm Pitch,
12, 14 to 16 AWG

Metric Ring Terminals Mega-Fit Power Connectors deliver cutting-edge current density at 23.0A per circuit; terminals provide six independent contact points for long-term reliability in virtually every industry and application

Continuing to innovate the interconnect industry, Molex expands current-carrying capabilities up to 23.0A with Mega-Fit power connectors - enabling one of the highest current-density options compared to existing mid-range power connectors. The innovative split-box terminal design offers six independent points of contact to provide long-term reliability through secondary current-path redundancy.

Mega-Fit power connectors maintain many of the characteristics of Molex's proven power products including isolated terminals, positive housing locks and polarized housings.

Part Number View Inventory
1716920102 Mega-Fit Receptacle Hsg 2 ckt V-0
1716920104 Mega-Fit Receptacle Hsg 4 ckt V-0
1716920106 Mega-Fit Receptacle Hsg 6 ckt V-0
1716920108 Mega-Fit Receptacle Hsg 8 ckt V-0
1716920110 Mega-Fit Receptacle Hsg 10 ckt V-0
1716920112 Mega-Fit Receptacle Hsg 12 ckt V-0
1720640002 Mega-Fit RA Hdr Assy 2 ckt 15"" Gold
1720640004 Mega-Fit RA Hdr Assy 4 ckt 15"" Gold
1720640006 Mega-Fit RA Hdr Assy 6 ckt 15" Gold
1720640008 Mega-Fit RA Hdr Assy 8 ckt 15" Gold
1720640010 Mega-Fit RA Hdr Assy 10 ckt 15" Gold
1720640012 Mega-Fit RA Hdr Assy 12 ckt 15" Gold
1720650002 Mega-Fit Vert Hdr Assy 2 ckt 15" Gold
1720650004 Mega-Fit Vert Hdr Assy 4 ckt 15" Gold
1720650006 Mega-Fit Vert Hdr Assy 6 ckt 15" Gold
1720650008 Mega-Fit Vert Hdr Assy 8 ckt 15" Gold
1720650010 Mega-Fit Vert Hdr Assy 10 ckt 15" Gold
1720650012 Mega-Fit Vert Hdr Assy 12 ckt 15" Gold
1720630311 Mega-Fit Female Crimp 14-16AWG 15" Gold
1720630312 Mega-Fit Female Crimp 12 AWG 15" Gold

Features and benefits include:

  • Power-dense design with high-current terminals, tight pitch and row spacing - Provides more power per linear and square millimeter than most mid-range power products
  • Terminal interface has six independent points of contact - Offers redundant, secondary current paths for long-term performance and reliability
  • Extended barrel conductor crimp - Provides extremely strong terminal-to-wire retention for long-term reliability
  • Sacrificial contacts - Allow system to be "hot plugged" at 48V/23.0A up to 30 cycles
  • Fully isolated header pins and receptacle terminals - Protect against potential damage during handling and mating
  • Positive locking housing - Ensures secure retention when receptacle and header are mated. Also delivers an audible click to provide feedback that connector is fully mated

Applications include:

  • White Goods
  • Telecommunications
  • Business Equipment
  • Vending and Gaming
  • Networking and Storage Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Non Automotive Transportation
  • Military/Aerospace (COTS)
  • Industrial
  • Security
  • Power Supply

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Mega-Fit™ Power Connectors 5.70mm Pitch, 12, 14 to 16 AWG(.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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