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Molex Product News

Mini50™ Unsealed Connection Systems

Delivering 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64mm connectors with smaller terminals to fit more signals into vehicle interiors, the Mini50 ™ Unsealed Connector System is approved as the industry's onlyUSCAR 050 interface.

The Mini50™ unsealed, wire-to-board connection system offers customers reduced package sizes compared to conventional 0.64 mm connection systems, with applied cost savings and enhanced reliability. Mini50 connectors provide reduced overall harness weight and cost savings by allowing wire-harness customers to crimp and process smaller wire gauges versus traditional 0.64 mm terminal systems.

Current configurations are available in single-row, 4- and 8-circuit versions and a dual-row, 12-circuit version. The Mini50 unsealed wire-to-board system allows device manufacturers to package circuits in a smaller space by utilizing smaller pin and terminal sizes while reducing costs. The Molex Mini50 4/8/12 circuit interface was chosen by USCAR as the standard 050 interface. The Mini50 4, 8 and 12 circuit connectors are available in through-hole and SMT versions and meet USCAR standards.

Part Number View Inventory
34791-004 34791-004MINI50 SR RCPT 4CKT
34791-008 34791-008 MINI50 SR RCPT 8CKT
34792-004 34792-004 MINI50 VHDR 4CKT POL A TR Y
34792-008 34792-008 MINI50 VHDR 8CKT POL A TR Y
34793-004 34793-004 MINI50 RAHDR 4CKT POL A T AY
34793-008 34793-008 MINI50 RAHDR 8CKT POL A T AY
34824-012 34824-012 MINI50 CONN RCPT 12CKT NB NP POL
34825-012 34825-012 MINI50 VHDR 12CKT POL TRAY
34826-012 34826-012 MINI50 RAHDR 12CKT POL TRAY
34897-812 34897-812 MINI50 RAHDR SMT 12CKT POL T&R
34912-804 4912-804 MINI50 RAHDR SMT 4CKT POL T&R
34912-808 34912-808 MINI50 RAHDR SMT 8CKT POL T&R
34958-0340 MINI50 VHDR 34CKT BLK POL A
34958-0381 MINI50 VHDR 38CKT GRY POL B
34959-0340 MINI50 CONN RCPT 34CKT CPA
34959-0347 MINI50 CONN RCPT 34CKT BLK
34959-0381 MINI50 CONN RCPT 38CKT CPA
34959-0388 MINI50 CONN RCPT 38CKT GRY
34960-1220 MINI50 VHDR 2BAY 72CKT 34A-
34961-0340 MINI50 RAHDR 34CKT BLK POL
34961-0381 MINI50 RAHDR 38CKT GRY POL
560023-0421 560023-0421 CTX50 RCPT TERM SN M-GRIP WIND
560023-0422 560023-0422 CTX50 RCPT TERM SN S-GRIP D W ND
560023-0423 560023-0423 CTX50 RCPT TERM SN M-GRIP B WIND
560023-0424 560023-0424 CTX50 RCPT TERM SN S-GRIP B WIND

Features and benefits include:

Reduced package sizes

Approximately 50% smaller than USCAR 0.64mm unsealed interfaces

Designed and tested to USCAR 050 specifications

Provides the industry’s only USCAR 050 approved interface

Orientation features are molded into the header

Either vertical or right-angle orientations are possible, providing wire-routing and module design flexibility. Retain the header to the PCB during the soldering process

Board alignment and retention features

Simplify header PCB placement and retain header to PCB during soldering operation(s). Protect adhesive joints during connector mating and unmating

High-temperature thermoplastic housings

Withstand infrared (IR) and wave lead-free solder processing per ES-40000-5013 Molex specification, maximum temperature +260°C

Female terminal wire grips for wires 0.35mm2 and smaller

Wire-size reduction; weight, space and cost savings versus 0.64mm interfaces

Three polarization options

Three discrete mechanical, visual and colored polarizations

Independent secondary lock (ISL) terminal-retention feature

Molded into the receptacle housing as one piece for applied cost savings

CTX50 terminal wire grip design

Offers harness manufacturers’ the ability to reduce wire gauge sizes while maintaining retention strength

Connector position assurance (CPA) latch optional

Prevents accidental un-mating

Applications include:


  • Cameras / Sensors
  • Clusters / Navigation
  • HVAC
  • Headliners
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Radios / DVD - Entertainment
  • Switches

Commercial Vehicle

  • Cameras / Sensors
  • Clusters / Navigation
  • HVAC
  • Headliners
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Radios
  • Switches

See Also:
Mini50 Unsealed Connection Systems (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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