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Molex Product News

Perma-Seal™ Terminals

Molex PermaSeal Terminals Perma-Seal waterproof adhesive terminals and splices provide long-lasting, moisture-proof connections that withstand many corrosive fluids (which cause serious problems for conventional, unsealed splices) such as saltwater, hydraulic fluids and gasoline. The inner wall of the heat-shrinkable Perma-Seal sleeve is lined with a special hot-melt adhesive that is inert at room temperature, permitting wires to be inserted easily into the splices and terminals. As the sleeve is heated, the adhesive melts and flows under pressure from the tubing. This action fills any existing voids and creates a seal that repels moisture or dust incursion even during pressure cycling and withstands the most rigorous tests that can be applied to high-performance splices such as the salt fog test in MIL-T-7928.

The tough and durable sleeve of Perma-Seal splices and terminals resists abrasion and cutting. This protection helps to maintain the insulation and sealing properties even in the most hostile environments, inside and out.

Part Number View Inventory
19164-0003 RING PERMA-SEAL (SA-221-10)
19164-0004 RING PERMA-SEAL (SA-222-14)
19164-0005 RING PERMA SEAL (SA-226-38)
19164-0006 SPADE PERMA-SEAL (SA-235-06)
19164-0007 SPADE PERMA-SEAL (SA-235-08)
19164-0008 SPADE PERMA-SEAL (SA-235-10)
19164-0010 PERMA-SEAL SNAP PLUG (SA-269)
19164-0011 3 WAY PERMA-SEAL (SA-2YCX)
19164-0012 QD PERMA-SEAL .250 X .032 (SA -2140)
19164-0015 22-18 MALE COUPLER PERMA-SEAL (SAA-9260)
19164-0016 22-18 MALE COUPLER P/S TAPED SAA-9260T)
19164-0017 22-18 FEM COUPLER PERMA-SEAL SAA-9261)
19164-0018 22-18 FEM. COUPLER P/S TAPED SAA-9261T)
19164-0019 .250 X .032 MALE QD PERMA-SEA (SAMCT-2)
19164-0020 RING PERMA-SEAL (SB-218-38)
19164-0021 HOOK PERMA-SEAL (SB-219-10)
19164-0022 RING PERMA-SEAL (SB-223-06)
19164-0023 SPADE PERMA-SEAL (SB-224-06)
19164-0024 SPADE PERMA-SEAL (SB-224-08)
19164-0025 RING PERMA-SEAL (SB-225-10)
19164-0026 RING PERMA-SEAL (SB-225-14)

Features and benefits include:

  • NiAc insulation shrinks 40% faster than nylon or polyolefin tubing - improves efficiency and minimizes labor cost
  • Shrinks at a low temperature of 90°C - prevents accidental damage to wire insulation
  • Lined with hot melt adhesive - completely seals the termination area and heals any splits in insulation caused by crimping
  • Excellent insulation clarity - easy to see wire conductor is fully inserted into crimp barrel before crimping
  • Abrasion resistant - prevents wearing caused by excess vibration


  • Automotive - Automotive Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicle - Commercial vehicles, Marine equipment
  • Consumer - Fountains, pools and spas

See also:
Molex PermaSeal™ Terminals Brochure (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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