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Molex Product News

Quixon Quick-Disconnect Terminals

Quixon™ quick-disconnect terminals expand Molex’s existing AviKrimp™ (Series 19275, 19277), InsulKrimp™ (Series 19274, 19276) and Krimptite™ (Series 19273) quick disconnect terminals. Quixon offers lower insertion force and greater blind-mate capability versus standard AviKrimp, InsulKrimp and Krimptite terminals.

Quixon quick-disconnect terminals are available in loose piece or on continuous plastic strip and Mylar tape for semi- or fully- automatic termination. Quixon quick-disconnect terminals meet UL requirements when used with Molex
recommended tooling; however, terminals may be crimped with a variety of industry-standard tooling.

Quixon quick-disconnect terminals mate to industry standard tabs offered by Molex (Series 19705, 19708, 19713, 19711).

Features and benefits:

  • Flexing beam with standard dimple provides low insertion force to mate easily with UL-compliant male tabs while maintaining a high retention force
  • Side-relief cut design makes blind mating easy by accommodating a slight angle during mating
  • Flared-barrel entry for easy wire insertion captures all the wire strands and funnels them into the crimp barrel
  • Un-insulated, partially or fully insulated versions available provides customers a choice for their applications and safety requirements
  • Comes standard on AviKrimp™ terminal with a Brass sleeve on the barrel to provide strain relief and meet the double-crimp VDE, IEC and DIN requirement with a metal ferrule that crimps onto the wire insulation
  • Terminals mate to industry-standard tabs, 6.35 by 0.81mm (.250 by .032") enabling universal use in numerous applications


  • Industrial markets
  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Consumer industry
  • HVAC
Part Number View Inventory
19273000 Quixon Quick Disconnect, Krimptite™ Style, Female, Uninsulated
19274000 19274000 - Quixon Quick Disconnect, InsulKrimp™ Style, Female, Partially Insulated
19275000 Quixon Quick Disconnect, AviKrimp™ Style, Female, Partially Insulated
19276000 Quixon Quick Disconnect, InsulKrimp™ Style, Female, Fully Insulated
19277000 Quixon Quick Disconnect, AviKrimp™ Style, Female, Fully Insulated

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