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Molex Product News

Increased Crimping Flexibility, Reduced Costs  
The Tape-Terminal Crimp Module and Tape Terminal Press from Molex will reduce tooling investments, reduce setup times and allow you more production flexibility.  

Tape-Terminal Crimp Module

The Tape-Terminal Crimp Module from Molex efficiently crimps terminals to wires from 4 to 30 AWG with minimal setup adjustments and achieves optimal cycle rates for mid- to high-volume,semi-automatic operations.

The Tape-Terminal Crimp Module provides an effective method of applying a wide range of sidefeed, tape-mounted terminals to pre-stripped discrete wire(s) from 4 to 30 AWG. The crimp module and press combination replaces the Molex Air Tape Presses: ATP-301™ (19228- 0030) and ATP-201™(19047- 0001). This crimp module operates only in the Molex TM-3000™ and TM-4000™ Universal Presses.

The Tape-Terminal Crimp Module uses quick-change modular tooling, requires little or no adjustments and is intended for mid- to high-volume, semiautomatic operations. Molex offers the following crimp presses for operating the crimp module: TM-3000 Universal Press (120V or 240V, 50 or 60Hz., 10 to 30 AWG terminals); TM-4000 Universal Press (240V, 50 or 60 Hz., 4 to 30 AWG terminals).

Molex Tape Terminal Crimp Module


TM-4000™ Universal Crimp Press

The TM-4000™ Universal Crimp Press is the only industry-standard, bench-top press on the market that terminates large lug products on Mylar tape up to 4 AWG, resulting in lower overall applied costs. The TM-4000™ has electrical requirements of 240 AC 50/60Hz.

The Molex TM-4000 Universal Crimp Press provides an effective method of applying a wide range of side- and rear-feed terminals to heavy-gauge wires. The TM-4000 press is an inexpensive, electrically controlled, direct-drive press designed for midvolume, semi-automatic bench-top operations.

The industry standard TM-4000 Universal Crimp Press will accept the most common industry-standard applicators in the market place. In addition, this crimp press accepts any Molex applicator, including air-feed applicators that process terminals mounted on Mylar* tape. This flexibility reduces tooling costs and provides production flexibility.

Molex TM-4000 Universal Crimp Press

Part Number View Inventory
63801-1000 Molex Tape Terminal Press
63801-7600 TM-4000 Universal Crimp Press

Features and Benefits

  • Quick-change modular tooling accepts all existing ATP-201 and ATP-301 die sets, reducing tooling investments.
  • Used in Molex TM-3000™ and TM-4000™ presses, which accept Molex applicators and most industry standard applicators
  • No track or terminal-feed adjustments allows for minimal setup times.
  • Tooling is accessed from the front of the module while in press for quick and easy die changeover.
  • Independent adjustment of insulation crimp height provides flexibility for various wire insulation thicknesses.
  • Quick tool changeover from die set to die set increases productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides 3.5 tons (31 kN) of crimp force for tape-mounted terminals up to 4 AWG which lowers customer’s overall applied costs.
  • Accepts Molex FineAdjust™ and Mini-Mac™ applicators with side and rear feeds; accepts most industry-standard applicators which reduces tooling costs and provides production flexibility and increases customer quality results through the use of a consistent machine.
  • Can be used with Molex Tape Module (64016-2000) allowing for use of current ATP-201 and ATP-301 die sets in an industry standard press to minimize customers existing tooling investment.
  • Direct-drive, split-cycle press accepts Molex air-feed applicators for tape-mounted terminals; reduces noise.
  • Shut-height adjustment cam is pre-set to industry standard 135.80mm (5.346”) accepts industry-standard applicators and allows for adjustment to hit the crimp-height target.
  • Meets OSHA safety and noise requirements and is CE approved which reduces risk of injury.
  • TM-4000 has two safety interlock switches attached which prevent the press from cycling if guard is open or when the press is being hand cycled.

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